What is a sectional garage door?

A sectional garage door is a type of garage door where the door panel is split into sections horizontally and opens by rising vertically, sliding in tracks which then curve and then travel horizontally into the garage to leave the whole door resting parallel with the ceiling usually higher up than the door ordering height.

sectional garage door

Space saving
Because sectional doors open vertically and are Sectional door benefits short drivewayssuspended under the ceiling they can make full use of the space inside and in front of the garage.
Variable fitting
The shape of the opening is not important when the door itself does not pass through the opening so it is perfect for arched, angled or odd shaped openings
Wider passage
The design of the sectional door gives maximum drive through width and height when open unlike other garage doors.
Sealed All Round
Flexible, weather resistant seals on all 4 sides keep out the wind, rain and dust.

The sectional door is assisted in operation by using either torsion or tension springs situated either at the sides or above the door. Hormann offer both types and the use is dependant upon the overall weight of the door panels used.

On most standard height domestic sectional garage doors the overall door is split into 4 panels and they are available up to 5500mm wide. On heights over 2250mm the door will have 5 panels and so on up to 3000mm.

Because a sectional garage door does not pass through the opening at anBottom weathersealy point it can be fitted into garage openings that may be slightly too small in width or height for a standard size door. It also means that all the standard rubber weatherseals fitted around the perimeter of the frame work very effectively when the door is closed. The bottom edge seal is quite large and is very effective on a smooth concrete floor for sealing against dust, leaves, mice, etc.

Hormann sectional panels 42mm
Most sectional garage doors sold are double skinned steel with an insulating foam infill inbetween the steel sections creating a tough, insulated panel to give excellent thermal insulating values as well as great security and resistance to knocks and bangs unlike single skinned doors.

Each door section also has a patented anti finger trap protection with a further rubber seal built into the section at the top of the panel to ensure a good seal between the horizontal sections.

Sectional garage doors are also available in various species of timber and with the flexibility of timber you can choose from many standard or bespoke designs to create the perfect visual appearance.

Video sectional garage door Video of a sectional door closing

All sectional garage doors are generally easier to open than up and over garage doors as the operating action is quite different and the spring mechanisms give assistance nearly all the way through the opening cycle.

Sectional garage doors can also be supplied with a seperate pedestrian door built into the main door for garages where frequent access is required on foot.

This pedestrian door option is available in doors up to 4000mm wide and 3000mm high.