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Lakeland Awnings Piazza

Lakeland Awnings
Door Type
Patio Awnings

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  • Description

The Lakeland Awnings Piazza is a permanent terrace cover structure. It is an excellent garden feature which provides ideal shading shelter for all domestic premises. It can be installed in a range of different areas such as:

  • Doorway porches

  • Walkway covers

  • Driveways

  • A typical patio veranda

  • A standalone free-standing structure.

The installation of our Piazza Patio Terrace Cover can transform your patio from an ordinary dull area into a vibrant all weather outdoor space suitable for entertaining the family and having BBQ’s. It ensures your patio furniture stays dry and is not ruined by the weather.

The Piazza can be used during any season to protect your patio from sun, rain and even snow.

A Piazza Patio Terrace Cover can provide your life with a natural sense of luxury and style through its pristine design, a favoured variety of roof tints and a wide selection of framework colour choices.

The Garage Door Centre offers 3 roof tints which have proven very popular with all of our customers. Tints are available in transparent polycarbonate, bronze polycarbonate or opaque polycarbonate (appearance similar to frosted glass).

As a carport...

The Piazza can also be used as a carport. When used as a carport, the Piazza is the perfectly reliable solution for any conscientious car owner or collector.

Fully waterproof, the carport Piazza driveway cover serves you with effective protection to shelter your car from the scorching sun or the beating rain – both formidably unpredictable weather conditions in Britain.

Carports are becoming evermore popular within the UK as homeowners realise that the high quality of cars mean they do not need elaborate shelter such as a garage, but can easily cope with the comparitively low-cost addition of a carport Piazza.

Our highly adaptable carport systems are available for both domestic and commercial customers due to their large size ranges. Our high quality carport’s reach a maximum projection of 3.5m with a maximum width of 7m – perfect for fitting plenty of cars in!

Our installation process provides minimal disruption to your day erecting the structure quickly and easily.

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