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Markilux 5010

Door Type
Patio Awnings

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  • Description

The Markilux 5010 is a designer awning which can safely cover large areas.

Design Features

  • The slim cassette awning with design lines from the design studio
  • The cover profile is the same colour as the cassette; this provides for a homogeneous appearance even when the awning is extended.
  • Attractive, rounded end caps complete the overall appearance of this slim cassette awning.
  • For long-lasting attractiveness, the awning has been powder coated.
  • Attractive brackets down to the last detail.

Technical Highlights

  • Due to its superior design, the Markilux 5010 belongs to the sturdiest and most stable of awnings on the market in spite of its slender shape.
  • Front profile with inegrated gutter and hidden water drainage spouts.
  • When closed, the folding arms are protected from the weater by the cassette.
  • The extremely sturdy awning construction makes it possible to shade even very large areas safely.
  • The 85mm roller tube ensures the highest rigidity and the best possible cover winding characteristics even at the largest widths.

Optional Accessories

  • In the case of manual operation, ease of use is ensured with the spring-assisted gearbox.
  • Hard-wired motor drive (optionally with automatic controls) for simple, relaxed operation.
  • Radio-controlled motor with handheld transmitter for ease of operation – and ergonomically crafted for ease of use.
  • The shadeplus creates an additional room on the patio. Protection from sun, wind and inquisitive glances in one.
  •  Awning available in non-standard RAL colours.

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