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Our garage door type and price guide helps you understand the likely installed prices for various types of garage doors and other products and includes average costs for installation and accessories to finish the installation. Most garage doors will vary in some way or another on every installation and online headline prices offering low prices are ultimately very misleading. Specialists in garage doors for over 34 years now, our aim is to get you the RIGHT garage door for your application.


If you are a trade buyer or on a DIY project we can also supply and deliver any of the doors we offer, for you to install, and we make sure you get the right size, colour and specification of door!

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Basic Steel Door - Single size



Electric Operation:


Prices Range:



from £350.00 extra

Single Size Up and Over Steel Door in Basic Design

£830.00 - £1,400.00

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Application Notes:

Up & Over one piece garage doors are still the most common garage door type installed within the UK. Their simple one panel piece construction makes them easy to use and provide both a relatively low-effort and zero hassle operation. When we say 'basic up and over' we normally refer to simple designs without glazing or designer elements in single skin galvanised steel. All our up and over doors are of the highest quality and all manufactured in Germany to very high exact standards.

Up and over garage doors fall into two main categories for the types of operating mechanism - canopy or retractable. This is how the garage door panel opens and closes and both mechanisms have their uses in different applications. Retractable doors should always be fitted wherever possible and they are much better for making into remote control electric operation.

Steel door up and over garage door Steel up and over garage door


Expect to pay between £830 and £1440 inc. VAT installed for a one off installation of a very high quality but basic design steel door and more money for the panelled designs or doors with windows, usually about £100 more and upwards. Details such as trimming around the frame, weatherseals and internal supports for tracking can always ramp up the price depending on many factors, so always make sure you compare EXACT specifications if you are concerned in any way.

Replacing an existing up and over garage door in one of the older imperial standard ordering sizes of either 7’ x 6’6” or 7’ x 7’ is a common installation carried out but do expect variations in the fixing sub frame sizes if it needs replacing as they do vary in width.

Horizontally Ribbed

Vertically Ribbed

A door design like the Horizontal or Vertical ribbed in a standard white powdercoat finish with modern euro profile cylinder locking and canopy gear is what would be referred to as a basic up and over door.

Some manufacturers weld the corners of their doors and use box sections for the sub frame as opposed to C channel or simple clipping together the corners. This will make a very big difference to the overall strength and therefore security of a door.

Also the use of locking rods for the locking as opposed to cables will make another big difference to security.

Additional Costs

Other Sizes

The price given above will cover about 6 of the most standard of sizes in the UK and these sizes are determined by the internal sub frame dimensions and nothing else. 

It is impossible to generalise on the prices of other sizes as there are so many standard UK and European sizes to choose from and a single door category is right up to 9 feet (2743mm) wide let alone the purpose made sizes available from both Garador and Hormann.

Retractable operating gear instead of canopy

The retractable operating gear is sturdier in the long run and is about £50 - £60 more generally and enables the easy installation of a remote control electric operator.

Retractable gear is also available where the geometry is different and the whole side lifting arm is raised to offer a full drive through width for most cars at wing mirror height. This is known as Retractable Plus operating gear in the Hormann and Garador ranges.

 Up and over door with canopy mechanism
Canopy Door Mechanism

 Up and Over door with retractable door mechanism
Retractable Door Mechanism

Canopy gear

This type of mechanism is usually used as it retains the full width when open and is perfectly OK for a manual operated door replacing an existing canopy type door.

Higher quality manufacturers use zinc plated torsion springs for lifting the doors as opposed to mild steel which of course will rust very quickly.

Different Colour

Limited factory finished colours are available and normally add about another £100. The basic colour for most steel garage doors from the factory is white RAL9016

With coloured finishes of course you will get big differences between the quality of paint finishing and therfore the longevity and durability.

Steel fixing sub frame

To replace an old sub frame and is always required on a new garage opening without a sub frame already in place – about £90 - £120 more. This is a truly desireable option as you remove all timber and maintenance issues but also get a much higher level of security and tighter tolerances on the factory fitted frame with smaller gaps around the door panel.

Higher Security Locking

Usually means getting four locking points on the door rather than two and does make the door very secure if fitted with a steel sub frame as well - about £50 more

Garador do offer a 'secured by design' option now with their Guardian range of single size steel up and over doors and these have serious reinforcements to make a very secure door but the price is about 50 - 70% more.

Remote control electric operation

This will depend on whether it is canopy or retractable operating gear but for retractable doors allow between £350 - £450 for a good quality European manufactured model with two transmitters and appropriate safety mechanisms. (This assumes the operator is being fitted at the same time as the door for the price)

For Canopy type doors allow an extra £100 extra for a bow arm converter and make sure you get exactly the right electric operator to fit with the door manufacturer and design or you will be buying a lot of trouble!

The short video below shows the benefits and unique parts on a Hormann canopy type garage door:

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