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The Garage Door Centre - Type & Price Guide

The Garage Door Centre - Price & Type Guide

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Insulated Aluminium Roller Door - Single Width - Manual Operation





Electric Operation:

Manual Only


Single Size Insulated Aluminium Roller Door

Prices Range:

£950.00 - £1,300.00

Application Notes:

A manually operated insulated aluminium roller door is generally purchased by customers with low daily useage, or simply where there is no electricity in the garage. The door is spring assisted and has a centrally positioned lock throwing 2 bars out to the sides to locte in the side guides and secure the door.
They are all made to order like most roller doors.

Single width aluminium roller shutter garage door Single width aluminium roller shutter garage door in white


Expect to pay between £950 and £1300 inc. VAT installed for a good quality, manually operated insulated roller door in one of the standard colour choices available.

Replacing an existing up and over or pair of garage doors that is one of the old standard sizes of either 7’ x 6’6” or 7’ x 7’ is one of the most common installations carried out, but with a roller door the door normally fits to the inside of the garage opening and is therefore wider and higher, giving more space for drive through dimensions. Normally this size is about 7'6" and 7'2 high on most garages.

Additional Costs

Other sizes

This manual insulated roller door is only available up to 3000mm wide, so the larger sizes in comparison to the standard will not be a lot more money than the price above.


Trims around the edge of the door, or even full cladding to cover old damaged brickwork, is common place when fitting a roller garage door behind the opening. The costs for this can be small, however they can escalate if they are special colours and large sections.

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