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FREE Woodrite Finish!

Woodrite free finishes on cedar garage doors

FREE FACTORY FINISHING on Woodrite cedar timber garage doors!
Throughout the whole of March, do not miss this fantastic offer: get your Woodrite cedar door and frame finished for COMPLETELY FREE in any of the Woodrite standard wood tone or silver/grey finishes!
Woodrite finishes provide weatherproofing for up to FIVE YEARS, meaning that not only can your door be finished from the factory with a finish of your choice, it will also provide protection for the door itself. 
Why Woodrite?
Woodrite are renowned for beautiful, high quality timber garage doors. Each door is treated with all the right care required; the doors are even turned upside down so that they are completely covered in treatment. When timber doors are adequately preserved and maintained, they last well and are more tolerable of minor knocks and bumps.
Cedar as a timber species is especially practical and durable, with a luxurious appearance as a bonus.
Woodrite offer an extensive range of designs for their up and over cedar doors, allowing you to ultimately discover the most suited garage for your home. All you have to do is choose your design and free factory finish; take a look at the finishes that are available below:
For further information please follow the links below, or call a member of our dedicated team on 01933 229135 today!
- Offer ends 31st March.
- Terms and conditions apply.
Woodrite up and over timber garage doors

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