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Timber Garage Doors

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The Garage Door Centre can supply any of the timber garage door types shown below and we have been supplying high quality timber doors since 1986.

We are one of the largest suppliers of timber garage doors in the U.K. and can provide all the major manufacturers as well as bespoke styles and types, with advice and View our Product Catalogueassistance in specification as well as carry out site surveys for advice if required.

Most timber garage doors are produced in cedarwood but we can also supply doors in Oak, Larch, Iroko, Hemlock, Nordic Pine, Meranti, Okoume, Idigbo and Douglas Fir.

timber garage doors on a triple garageThe beauty of wood is in its diversity and we can create bespoke designs where the standard designs do not fulfill the requirements. There are also more than enough high quality, high specification microporous wood treatments for the long term preservation of timber doors for our very changeable UK weather.

The fear of having to constantly re-treat timber garage doors is completely untrue when the door is treated correctly from the day of installation with a proper timber treatment, some manufacturers even offer very long guarantees (up to 10 years!) to back their products.

Talk to us about any timber garage door or pedestrian side entrance door, we can offer standard sizes at the very best prices or bespoke sizes and designs to suit the most demanding of requirements.


Timber sectional doors

  • sectional doorsThe vertical opening of a sectional door maximises all available space inside the garage and avoids a swing out operation to maximise the area on your driveway. They are ideal where space may be limited in front of the garage.
  • Traditional standard timber designs or routed bespoke designs produced to your own style. A range of sectional timber doors are also available using traditional joinery methods with tongued and grooved boarding.

  • Standard or bespoke designs in choice of either softwoods and hardwoods. Sizes up to 5000mm wide and 3000mm high.

  • Uses all available height to accommodate high roofed vehicles and maximise drive through height when open.

  • Excellent weather sealing properties on all sides, top and of door with high quality rubber seals. Good insulation as timber has natural insulation properties.

  • Timber species available in a sectional door include Hemlock, Nordic Pine, European Oak, Iroko, Mahogany and Cedarwood.

  • Some models available in fully finished factory options from Sikkens microporous range.

  • One of the most secure types of garage door available on the market in manual or remote control electric operation. View the Timber Sectional Garage Doors in our online Product Catalogue.

View Timber Sectional Garage Doors in the Product Catalogue

different timber grainings different timber species

overlap doors

  • The Overlap is a totally unique garage door design in the way it operates with vertical lifting, no external protrusion, no internal tracking and the neatest finish once fully open providing full drivethrough width and height. This means no unsightly internal ceiling tracks are required allowing you to make the most of your garage space internally.

  • A wide range of designs are available, ranging from Traditional to Modern depending on your property. These stunning door designs are available and all made to measure up to 5000mm wide and 2800mm high at no extra cost.

  • High levels of insulation, both acoustic and thermal are offered by this door, which is a benefit to anyone with an integral garage.

  • These door is supplied and installed with a complete factory finish as standard so no further treatment is required just keep the surface clean like any other external timber products. The steel door designs come in a wide range of RAL paint finish colours.

  • The Domina door is available as either a fully automated electric system or a manual operation with both systems balanced using counterbalancing weights rather than any springing mechanism meaning far less components subject to longer term wear and tear.

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timber up and over doors


  • Factory fitted steel fixing sub frame or timber sub frame options for installation. Matching timber sub frame to main door panel when required using overcladding techniques.

    canopy doors

  • Traditional joinery made mortice and tenon built panels or timber affixed to steel box section chassis for increased stability and greater flexibility in timber species used.

  • Wide range of timber species to ensure perfect match with existing timber features. Traditionally Cedarwood, European Oak, Idigbo, Pine and Hemlock but other types available.

  • Sizes available up to 4800mm wide in almost limitless designs. Various timbers available from sustainable resources only.

  • Optional 4 point locking for optimum security on manual operation or mechanical latching systems used with electric operation for extra security.

  • Standard sizes or purpose made with optional factory applied Sikkens microporous treatments in choice of colours and translucent stain finishes.

  • We can supply all the necessary operating gear to enabke you or your joiner to make a bespoke timber garage door up to 5000mm wide with a super strong box section steel fixing sub frame which can be overclad if required.

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timber side hinged doors

  • side hung doorsSuitable for garage openings with little or no headroom or side room for other garage door mechanisms. Ideal for garages accessed frequently on foot as you only need open one leaf for entry and exit.

  • Ideal for garages with other internal obstructions preventing other garage door types being used, such as shelving, gas/electric meters, structural beams, etc..

  • Traditional or modern ironmongery options to compliment various door styles. Steel box section fixing frames available on some models for easier installation.

  • Standard or bespoke designs in sizes up to 12 feet wide and 10 feet high. Factory finish options from wide range of Sikkens microporous woodstains.

  • Wide choice of glazing options to suit your requirements using either polycarbonate or toughened glass with either decorative leading or timber window bars.

  • Can be manufactured to suit unusual shaped garage openings i.e. arched openings

  • Contrary to many beliefs side hinged garage doors can be easily made into remote control automatic operation using one of 2 very reliable automation systems.
    See our feature on automating side hinged doors

  • Many of the side hinged timber designs can be made in either a 50/50 split or a 70/30 split to give even greater use for pedestrian access. Various locks and hardware systems can be specified to make use of the door easier for multiple users.

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timber round the corner doors

  • round the corner doorsUnique, smooth sliding mechanism enabling total use of height and width to maximise drive through dimensions. Sunken channel or raised tracking system for the bottom of the door, also doubles as a weather bar.

  • Standard slatted Rundum original system or side sectional doors with raised and fielded panelled system or traditional boarding joinery with multiple design options.

  • Single section or bi-parting versions on larger widths or where internal space is limited. The Rumdum Original system can also follow curved building lines and be curved internally to miss internal obstructions such as brick piers.

  • Available in virtually any width and height with standard or special designs in many different timber types including Oak, Larch, Hemlock, Sapele, Iroko and Pine.

  • False wall and shelving systems available to enable use of wall in front of the garage door sliding area.

  • Manual or remote control options. Partial door option for pedestrian access.

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