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Buying Garage Doors Online

Buying Garage Doors Online

Who are you actually buying from when you decide to buy a garage door?

So many websites do not have details shown and many have a private house address and are simply attempting to sell garage doors on price alone with little or no experience or back up if there is a problem. Make sure you know the full details of what you require and that the garage door you are quoted for is the one you actually need and get!

As most garage doors are now available made to order as a matter of course with so many options, some necessary, some not, so the real issue for you, the consumer, is to ensure you know exactly what you are ordering and paying for.

For example we can supply an up and over timber garage door for as little as £350 or as much as for the same 7' x 7' opening size! What a difference for something that maybe at a quick glance looks similar in design!

The difference would be clear if you saw them for real, but in a colour brochure there may not appear to be that much to indicate a huge price difference. We make sure you get what is right for you and your needs.

As every manufacturer has a slightly different overall door panel and frame size for their particular garage door you can easily order a heavily discounted stock sized garage door only to find the overall dimensions with the fixing frame included will not fit your existing garage opening. This applies to guide sizes and headroom requirements on different roller garage doors and sectional doors, hinge sizes on side hinged garage doors and reveal sizes on round the corner doors - they are all different from each manufacturer!

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How To Get Prices and Order From The Garage Door Centre

Email or call us directly with some sizes and ideas on (0800) 525 442 Providing we have sufficient information we can give you budget prices

You can then proceed to a survey being carried out to check the sizes and specification and we reconfirm the price Order the door and we deliver or install as soon as possible Wrong size garage door - a nightmare

Wrong size garage door - a nightmare

Don't get caught out - make sure you buy the right garage door!! 

We have 26 years experience with surveyors, engineers and sales staff who have been with us for many of those 25 years and have gained a wealth of knowledge in all types of garage doors - good and bad. Everyone will tell you their garage door is the best but how can you really know as you probably have never purchased a garage door before - it is not an everyday item.

If you want an honest opinion on any type of garage door or roller shutter The Garage Door Centre supplies over 10,000 garage doors a year to every type of property you can imagine - someone in our company will always be able to help with your particular requirement no matter how large or small.

We have offered various methods of contact on our website but perhaps we should all remember the best form of communication is still the simplest and only involves picking up the telephone and explaining your requirement to us.

We will always try to price match any genuine quotation you may have had and indeed beat it if possible but will always ensure you get the right garage door specification for your requirements.

If you are a form filler use any of our Email forms in our Contact Us section, you can add photographs and dimensions too for a more accurate appraisal and quotation.


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Your enquiry will always be passed on to the person with the best knowledge on your particular requirements.

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