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Up and over garage doors

Up and Over Garage Doors

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When it comes to Up and Over garage doors there are two main categories: Canopy and Retractable. The table below demonstrates some of the differences between the two doors. 

canopy garage doors

retractable garage doors

The canopy type garage door had been the simplest and most common type of garage door mechanism used for years, its name derived from the fully opened garage door panel protruding about a third forward of the sub frame to form a canopy.

The retractable garage door is fast becoming the more popular type of garage door mechanism of the two in the UK, its name derived from the garage door panel retracting fully into the garage when open. It is the mechanism that will convert easily and safely into electric operation with the least equipment.

Canopy gives the maximum drive-through width when open and is the easiest door to install. The door panel is balanced and assisted in operation by torsion springs positioned above the door panel on the head of the fixing frame.

The drive-through width on a retractable mechanism is always reduced as the lifting arms at either side sit in between the sub-frame when the door is opened. Be careful when limited for opening width that you do not restrict access too much and compromise your vehicle access.

Important Note: The canopy door mechanism is generally only available up to 8 feet (2438mm) wide. It is not normally used if the garage door is to be controlled by an electric garage door operator for automatic opening with a handset. It is a basic mechanism for small doors without electric operation.

The retractable mechanism can take much heavier loads, with the adjustable tension springs at the sides easily increased in size and strength.
Note: Retractable operating gear is generally used for garage doors over 8 feet wide and heavier door panels such as hardwood. All double garage doors have retractable gear only.

Manufacturers of Up and Over Garage Doors

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General Sizing Information

When discussing measurements for Up and Over doors we always use the dimensions of the internal fixing sub frame. This is the frame that is installed in the opening, which the door panel and mechanisms are attached to. This frame can be steel or timber. 

For example, a 7'x7' (2134mm x 2134mm) garage door ordering size refers to the size of the frame, with the door panel itself being smaller within. Sub frame dimensions can vary depending on the mechanism chosen, which may affect your overall ordering dimensions. 

Please note with Up and Over doors that the drive-through dimensions will never be equal to the ordering dimensions. This is due to the framework at the sides, but also because the door panel hangs down slightly at the top of the frame when open. For easy vehicle entry we recommend around 8' wide x 7' high.

Installation Positions

Up and Over garage doors with sub frames can be installed inbetween and behind the opening, but not in front. The installation position can depend on sizing restrictions, but more commonly comes down to aesthetics and personal taste. Fitting behind the opening can increase the drive-through dimensions, which may be the difference between storing a vehicle in your garage and not. If you are unsure please contact us; we're happy to help.


The Up and Over garage door is still the most versatile when it comes to different materials and designs. The one-piece panel structure means that doors can be manufactured from a range of materials including steel, fibreglass, UPVC and most types of timber.

We have designed and manufactured many wonderful bespoke timber garage doors over the years, along with some very large steel and GRP doors. More recently however the maximum available width of a one-piece Up and Over garage door has reduced, due to stricter safety legislation. As a result, the Sectional garage door has stepped in for larger garage door sizes. Economically, steel is still the most cost-effective choice of door panel material.

The choice of timber species is the most varied with Up and Over doors. Some doors offer Cedarwood, Idigbo, Oak, Accoya, Hemlock or Nordic Pine as standard with other more exotic timbers also possible, depending on sizes.

Consult our product catalogue section, and select from different material types.


Automatic Garage Doors

Automatic garage doorAll new Up and Over garage doors can be automated through the use of a ceiling mounted electric operator. Remote controls make automated automatic entry the ultimate convenience for your garage door, at just the press of a button.

For Canopy gear doors a bow arm converter is required if a traditional boom operator is installed, although not all canopy type doors are able to have this retrofitted. Automation is always much easier with a Retractable Up and Over door, since the bow arm is not required.

Unfortunately, automation is not compatible with all Up and Over doors, which our team of experts will be able to advise. 

Remote operation is secure, using hi-tech encryption systems between the remote and the receiver. 


High Security Garage Doors

High security

Security is a high priority for many households, particularly with valuables and vehicles stored in garages regularly. Whilst Up and Over doors are secure, with 4-point locking available on a number of our doors, there are a selection of doors built with security as the top priority. 

The Guardian range of doors has reinforced steel bracing on the inside, steel plates at critical attack points and 4 point locking all as standard.

The door is independently tested and approved to Level 1 by the LPCB and is a ‘Secured by Design’ approved product.

See the Guardian range in our Catalogue

For more information on High Security Doors, click here


‘Special’ Up and Over Doors

Silvelox trackless

Whilst we have talked about Canopy and Retractable doors, there is another type of garage door - the Overlap.

The Overlap is a two-piece door system, using counterbalance weights to lift the 2 panels vertically. This door type is unique, as there are no internal tracks required; perfect for limited space installations. 

The door panels are all double skinned and insulated as standard, with excellent levels of security.

This is a bespoke door system, offering sizes in 50mm increments in width and height, with a vast array of panel designs and finishes.

See the Overlap Doors

The Silvelox one-piece Up and Over door is another option that uses a one piece panel construction, but also employs the counterbalance system for operation. This is a timber door and has the option of a pedestrian access door inset into the main door panel for easy pedestrian access in and out of the garage. 

See the Silvelox Doors


Matching Garage Doors and Pedestrian Side Doors

Matching doorsIf you want to match your garage door with your entrance door, then there is a range of matching doors from Hormann. 

These doors are manufactured in either single skin or double skinned steel or timber, and are designed to complement each other aesthetically in a range of practical standard and purpose made sizes.

Garador also offer a range of single skin steel side doors to match their Up and Over doors.


For additional sizing, technical and other information on these doors, view our specialised Up & Over Garage Doors information page.

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