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Side Hinged Garage Doors

insulated steel side hinged garage doors from garador and carteckA side hinged door is a garage door which is firmly joined at each side with bi-parting door leafs which swing outwards onto your driveway. We offer a quality range of steel side hinged garage doors from The Garage Door Centre manufactured by Garador.

Garador's steel side hinged garage door range consists of 4 fantastic hinged doors each with a steel fixing frame, all hinges and locks factory-fitted ensuring the easiest installation process possible is achieved; perfect for all you DIY buffs out there. Usually installing a set of steel side hinged doors required the skill of a carpenter however now it's very simple. The current Garador side hinged door catalogue of doors is shown below - feel free to click on each door to view its individual catalogue page.

The main advantage with these garage doors is the fact they operate as a dual-leaf door allowing the option to open either one or both sides. This can come in very handy when the garage is used as an office, gym, storage facility, utility room or used to store general everyday items such as bicycles, lawnmowers, ladders, motorbikes and washing machines which require regular, easy access from a reliable point.

The Vertical design of the Carlton also allows for a 1/3rd and 3/2rd split to be achieved if required with an even split. The other designs are possible but within the constraints of the panelled sections so will differ in the widths. This is perfect for a pedestrian access at any time.



Standard Ribbed Vertical Carteck
Standard Ribbed Vertical
Centre Ribbed Vertical Carteck
Centre Ribbed Vertical
Solid Ribbed Vertical Carteck
Solid Ribbed Vertical
Standard Ribbed Horizontal Carteck
Standard Ribbed Horizontal
Centre Ribbed Horizontal Carteck
Centre Ribbed Horizontal
Solid Ribbed Horizontal Carteck
Solid Ribbed Horizontal
Cathedral Garador
Beaumont Garador
Carlton Garador
Georgian Garador

Steel Side Hinged Colour Options

Optional colours give you the opportunity to personalise your garage and set it apart from the rest.

Powder coated in RAL 9016 (White) as standard, Garador steel side hinged garage doors are also available in Green, Red, Blue, Black, Brown and Dark Blue as standard. Each door is available in any RAL colour at an additional charge.

Flame Red RAL 3000

Flame Red
RAL 3000

Gentian Blue RAL 5010

Gentian Blue
RAL 5010

Moss Green RAL6005

Moss Green

Fir Green RAL6009

Fir Green

Anthracite Grey RAL7016

Anthracite Grey

Light Grey RAL7035

Light Grey

Window Grey RAL7040

Window Grey

Sepia Brown RAL6014

Sepia Brown

Grey Aluminium RAL9007

Grey Aluminium

Cream White RAL9001

Cream White

White Aluminium RAL9006

White Aluminium

Steel Blue RAL5011

Steel Blue

Quartz Grey RAL7039

Quartz Grey

Jet Black RAL9005

Jet Black

Signal Blue RAL5005

Signal Blue

Terra Brown RAL8028

Terra Brown

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Steel Side Hinged Garage Door Handles

Each garage door comes with a black nylon handle as standard however white, gold and chrome handles are available at a surcharge.

Our Gloss White, Brass Effect and Chrome Metallic handles not only look much better than the standard black handle but they offer both additional strength and visual character to the door.

Garador handle - white Brass Effect Chrome Metallic
Gloss White Brass Effect Chrome Metallic

Steel Side Hinged Garage Door Windows

Windows are becoming an increasingly more popular addition to UK steel side hinged garage doors. Initially the most popular in America, window sections offer ideal levels of lighting to allow you to spend time in the garage without the lights on. Garador provide 3 innovative window choices - Standard, Diamond and Crossed patterns.

Not only is this practical, but it also saves money on lighting bills!

garador standard window option garador diamond window option garador crossed window option
Standard Diamond Crossed

Safety Features

Garador offer a variety of high level security features on their side hinged doors to maintain their place at the peak of the steel side hinge garage doors market. Some of the safety features they provide include:

garador steel side hinged door high security lock High Security Lock
with fixed knock ensuring security everytime the door is closed.
(Optional external lever handle is available)
garador steel side hinged steel internal handle Internal Handle
providing easy operation.
garador steel side hinged garage door hinge Steel Hinges
securely fixed to each frame and door leaf ensuring reliable function.
garador steel side hinged garage door with a centre seal Centre Style
providing a seal between the leaves and prevents forced entry to the locking system.
garador steel side hinged garage door with weatherstrips Weatherstrips
around 3 sides of the door to help prevent draughts.

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Ordering Sizes

When ordering a Garador side hinged door, please note that the measurements taken are that of the internal frame size; the overall door and frame size will always be bigger. Garador standard side-hinged garage doors order sizes and overall frame sizes as delivered.

Have a unique garage door size? We can always purpose build you a garage door too! Our standard sizes are shown below.


Order Size

Internal frame opening
Width x Height
(mm x mm)

Overall steel frame size
Width x Height
(mm x mm)

6060 1810 x 1830 1930 x 1890
6660 1964 x 1830 2084 x 1890
6664 1964 x 1931 2084 x 1991
6666 1964 x 1981 2084 x 2041
6670 1964 x 2136 2084 x 2196
7060 2114 x 1830 2234 x 1890
7064 2114 x 1931 2234 x 1991
7066 2114 x 1981 2234 x 2041
7070 2114 x 2136 2234 x 2196
7564 2239 x 1931 2359 x 1991
7566 2239 x 1981 2359 x 2041
7570 2239 x 2136 2359 x 2196
7664 2264 x 1931 2384 x 1991
7666 2264 x 1981 2384 x 2041
7670 2264 x 2136 2384 x 2196
8064 2419 x 1931 2539 x 1991
8066 2419 x 1981 2539 x 2041
8070 2419 x 2136 2539 x 2196

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