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Front Entrance Doors

Front Entrance Doors

Do you need a new, high quality entrance door? The Garage Door Centre supplies and installs a vast range of the highest quality steel, aluminium and specialised timber front entrance doors for the home, many are specifically designed to match our ranges of garage door.

We have classic, modern, contemporary and traditional front doors to suit all needs. Whether you require high levels of security or are aware of the insulating benefits of triple glazing and properly sealed doors and frames or are just simply after a luxurious and stylish finish, The Garage Door Centre is able to specify and recommend a front entrance door to meet your requirements.

Your front entrance door is the main focal point and the first thing people generally see when approaching your home, so why not get off to a good start with a breath taking first impression? Not only do the doors look good, but a significant requirement for our front entrance doors is the ability to offer you high security to prevent unlawful access as well as very high levels of insulation within your home.

The Garage Door Centre supply and install a fantastic range of front entrance doors to increase both the image, and value, of your house with security and insulation properties second to none. Not only do our entrance doors improve the exterior image of your home, but each door comes complete with a visually pleasing interior design and very high quality handles and furniture.

anthracite entrance doorHormann front door and matching sectional doorEntrance door with side glazed side panels

Each entrance door we supply is available with optional made to measure side-glazing elements, as well as top transoms to enhance both the structural appearance of your door, let in natural lighting and accentuate the beauty of your home.

There are various extras available for all of our doors to offer that personalised feel to adapt each door to your needs. This includes:

-  Interior handle on leaf profile
-  Hinges in stainless steel or any RAL colour
-  Automatic door operator
-  Security cylinder with security card
-  Letterbox available on selected models
-  Finger scan electronic locking
-  Choice of clear, laminated and coloured glazing
-  Built in lighting elements

Stainless steel internal lever handle  
Wide choice of door handles  
Hinges coloured to match the door  
Overhead door closer  
Choice of 1 point or 3 point locking  
Wide angle spyhole  
Round fascia frame in RAL or matching colour  
Optional side element  


Hormann ThermoPro Steel Door Range

The Hormann ThermoPro range is a high quality, highly insulated steel entrance door range for front and side entrances.

These entrance doors come in a wide range of beautiful styles and designs to give your home that perfect look.

Security is ensured thanks to a multiple-point locking system which is supplied as standard on all doors. The basis of the Thermopro range is several standard and purpose made sizes, one specification of locking, glazing, sub fixing frame but with a choice of colours for the door panel inside and out and different handles on certain doors.

There is also a wide range of standard and purpose made side lights and top transom sections to complete the options.

You also now have the Thermopro PLUS option providing a thicker door panel and 2 new designs.

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TPS 700 TPS 900 TPS 010 TPS 020 TPS 015 TPS 030
  TPS 200 TPS 400 TPS 100 TPS 025  

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Hormann Aluminium Door Range

The Hormann TOP Range is a comprehensive variety of the highest quality aluminium entrance doors built to offer the very highest level of insulation and security for your home.

All doors are made to order to optimise your opening with countless optional side and top glazing elements to give a door range capable of fulfilling almost any size of entrance.

Countless combinations of handles, locking systems and finishes are offered to truly personalise your entrance door.

The TOP entrance doors are built to different specification levels. Three build levels within the series are the TopComfort, TopPrestige and TopPrestigePlus.

To view more information on these different levels, please visit the Hormann Front Entrance Doors page. Hormann offer a range of sectional garage doors in their designer range to match many of the designs shown below to match not only the design but also the surface finish.

Click a door to view full details in our product catalogue

hormann TOP style 40 curved stainless steel door design

Style 40

hormann style 45 semi-circle glass design for the home

Style 45

hormann style 45-5 semi-circle glass design for the home

Style 45-5

hormann style 45-5 in decograin with centre curved glazed section

Style 45-5

hormann style 62 white door with stainless steel bottom and clear glazed vertical glass section

Style 62

hormann style 65 white front entrance door for the house with translucent glazing

Style 65

hormann style 65 entrance door in anthracite grey with horizontal long glass strip

Style 65

hormann top range style 65 with large horizontal glass section in decograin wood effect

Style 65

hormann style 75 available with matching garage door

Style 75

hormann style 100 plain style glazed front door

Style 100

hormann style 100 with dividing centre panel

Style 101

hormann style 110 glazed centre section with white steel border surround

Style 110

hormann front entrance door style 136 with horizontal lines on sand blasted glass

Style 136

hormann style 140 with glass section comforted by steel sections both below and on top with white surround

Style 140

hormann style 166 home door with horizontal sand blasted stripes on translucent glass panes

Style 166

hormann style 173 with large handle, horizontal ribbed dented stripes and designer colour square sections

Style 173

hormann aluminium front entrance door with stylish colour square designs

Style 177

hormann front entrance door style 185 constructed using aluminium with plain vertical stripe

Style 185

hormann style 188 with curved rectangular designs, curved handle and ribbed sections

Style 188

traditional hormann style 402 front door for english homes with glazed frosted glass sections

Style 402

hormann front entrance door with circular main focus point with rounded glass designs

Style 413

hormann TOP range style 449 with 8 glazed panels to provide light and vision with white surround

Style 449

Hormann style 551 in white with boomerang arched style handle - abstract design

Style 551

hormann style 551 in anthracite metallic grey with boomerang effect handle

Style 551

hormann top entrance door with curved stainless steel design with boomerang design handle

Style 552

hormann style 552 aluminium entrance door in anthracite grey with purple arched design

Style 552

stylish Hormann style 553 in white with crescent glazed section and semi-circle handle shape

Style 553

hormann top entrance doors style 553 in anthracite grey metallic

Style 553

hormann front home door style 554 with verticla long handle and stainless steel protective strip

Style 554

hormann front entrance door style 554 in anthracite constructed solely from aluminium

Style 554

Style 555

black front door with horizontal bar handle high security

Style 555

hormann style 556 plain white front door with ribbed design

Style 556

hormann style 556 black front door with slightly arched handle placed vertically

Style 556

hormann style 557 standard front door with vertical steel bar handle and horizontally ribbed pattern design

Style 557

hormann front entrance door style 557 in black with vertical handle

Style 557

hormann style 558 with horizontal bar for handle and vertical right sided glass panel with ribbed abstract design

Style 558

hormann front entrance door style 558 left sided door in anthracite grey black

Style 558

white front entrance door with horizontal lined design vertical handle and glazed section

Style 559

black front entrance door with stainless steel handle and glass sections for naturally sourced light

Style 559

Hormann front door style 560 in white with glass section and stainless steel mask design

Style 560

front entrance door in black

Style 560

white hormann door for your house in style 650 white with stainless steel strip

Style 650

Style 650

hormann style 659 with ribbed design

Style 659

hormann style 667 with horizontal handle bar and green design

Style 667

hormann front entrance door with ribbed panel designs and horizontal handle grip bar

Style 667-5

standard traditional hormann entrance door style 675 with large glazed panels and white border

Style 675

Style 680

Style 680

Style 686

Style 689

Style 693

Style 694

Style 694

Style 697

Style 697-5

Style 860

Style 860

Style 861

Style 861

Style 866


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ThermoComp Doors

The ThermoComp range of entrance doors offers you high quality doors to ensure you get the highest security and give you the best choice of style. Hormann ThermoComp doors offers, a variety of doors through their choice of styles they offer. Whether it is a traditional, contemporary or if you want that cottage feeling to your home, Hormann can offer this to you through this range.

With every design you can add additional extras including different handles, side panels, knockers and even letterboxes to your door. Every item available through this range comes in a choice of colour to suit your home and that desired look you want to achieve for your home.

Each door comes with the options to add side panels to your home which is available in a choice of colour or you could have a glass panel which will add additional lighting to your home.

Listed below are some of the doors this range has to offer. 

Silvelox Entrance Doors Range

Listed below are some of the doors from the Silvelox Entrance Doors range. These front entrance doors for the home are all constructed from various options of timber species with African Okoume being the main timber type used. The Silvelox Entrance doors are 80mm thick and fully factory finished inside and out with a matching timber clad steel fixing frame fitted as standard to incorporate the very high levels of locking built into each door. A range of standard styles are available as shown below as well as bespoke designs drawn and constructed to your very own specification if required.

Click each door to view in the product catalogue

Silvelox ARA Entrance Door with white classical design


Silvelox ARC Entrance Door timber house door with arched design


Silvelox BIG Entrance door timber door in dark green


Silvelox VIP plain entrance door in timber


Silvelox EGO timber entrance door with tri panelled design


Silvelox Entrance Door FOR in timber horizontal ribbed design


Silvelox GEO Entrance Doors with horizontal and vertical panels


Silvelox TOP entrance door with square panelled timber designs


Silvelox ZEN timber entrance door


Silvelox Timber Entrance door with horizontal ribbed design full length


Silvelox SPI entrance door with chevron design


Silvelox TAU entrance door with dark wooden design


Silvelox MET entrance door with vertical split design




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