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Hormann Front Entrance Doors

Hormann garage doors and front doors

Take a look at the Hormann TopComfort, ThermoSafe and ThermoCarbon front entrance door range - a range of the very highest quality aluminium insulated entrance doors with unique features and qualities. The Thermo range is also a specific range of high quality steel entrance doors specifically designed and built for the UK market in standard and made to order sizes.

Many of  the Hormann entrance doors have been designed specifically around the very latest range of sectional garage doors also available from Hormann to give a co-ordinated appearance in finish and design, ideal when your garage door is on the same elevation as your front door.

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Would you appreciate the benefits and the stunning aesthetics you can now achieve with a high-class range of front entrance doors with matching garage doors and high tech operating systems?

Whether your property is traditional, conventional or contemporary The Garage Door Centre will provide the perfect combination of doors in materials and finishes to suit your home.

The current Hormann range can be split into two main categories - metal doors in steel or aluminium.

Hormann TOP Comfort, ThermoSafe and ThermoCarbon Aluminium Doors

Hormann TOP entrance door and side lights

Over 70 designs to choose from in the fast track programme. The ThermoSafe and ThermoCarbon range of aluminium entrance doors from Hormann represent the very highest in quality and specification. The thermal and accoustic insulation properties are at the very highest levels achievable and are completely watertight against the elements thanks to all round flexible sealing.

High security is standard with every ThermoSafe entrance door with a special H5 security pivoting lock bolt. When locked 3 steel bars with 2 additional hooks pivot into stainless steel lock plates top and bottom. The pivoting locks make the door lever proof.

Side lights, transoms, stainless steel elements, windows and handlesets can all be added to create your perfect entrance door.

The garage door and the entrance door are perfectly matched and are very attractive with their exclusive stainless steel and glass elements. The result is a thoroughly styled look for the most discriminating taste.



The ThermoCarbon Doors have 100mm thick standard, triple or quadruple thermal insulated glazing and triple sealing. The 8mm thick laminated safety glass provides maximum security against burgulars. 

Not only do these doors provide you with excellent thermal insulation they also set new standards for security: 

All doors are equipped with multi point locking as standard. 

The tamper-proof cylinder, certified in accordance with DIN 18252, features premium fittings: an anti-picking system, drill protection, and an emergency and hazard function. This means that the door lock can still be operated when a key is inserted on the inside. 

The ThermoCarbon Entrance Doors have concealed hinges between the door frame and leaf, i.e. they are not visible from outside or inside. 

The ThermoCarbon Entrance Doors have an elegant stainless steel interior lever handle.

Exterior Handle Options*
*Options may vary for individual door styles


Continuous aluminium handle bar

Continuous aluminium handle bar The continuous look of the handle bar is its distinguishing feature. It comes as standard in White aluminium, RAL 9006, with a recessed grip in the door colour.

Aluminium handle bar with recessed grip

Aluminium handle bar with recessed grip This handle version comes as standard as anodised aluminium, E6 / EV 1, with a recessed grip in the door colour.

Stainless steel handle with recessed grip

Stainless steel handle with recessed grip With a stainless steel handle, you can choose the colour of the recessed grip to suit your entrance door.

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The ThermoSafe Entrance Doors have a 73mm thick aluminium door leaf, suitable for saving energy in your home.

  • H5 5 point lock with security rose escutcheon and swing bolt.
  • "Rondo" interior lever with cylinder rose escutcheon.
  • Three way adjustable aluminium hinges.

Optional Frame Variants

There is no visible door profile so the entrance door looks generously proportioned from the outside, whilst on the inside the door will blend with the interior of your home.

Fascia Frame Rondo 70

Fascia Frame Rondo 70 The rounded frame profile adds a stylish touch to your entrance door, providing it with a particularly harmonious look with its rounded edges.

Fascia Frame Caro 70

Fascia Frame Caro 70 This version has an attractive and distinguished look that upgrades the appearance of your door through the frame’s added appearance of depth.

Broader Door Frames

Broader Door Frames On request, door frames are also available in a width of 110mm, for a more convenient and attractive connection to full thermal insulation.


When it comes to security, you can also rely on the high quality of Hörmann entrance doors – the H-5-Automatic special security pivoting bolt lock included as standard provides your home with quality-tested protection.

When locking, 3 steel bolts with 2 additional hooks pivot into the stainless steel lock plates. In addition, a stainless steel bolt on the hinge side engages with the fascia frame.

This way, you can feel perfectly secure with the effective 6-point locking system.

Graduated higher security

Hörmann offers you various security packages offering graduated additional security locking and comfort. For all versions using access control technology you can continue to unlock your entrance door with its key if anything fails.

Secure opening with an integrated steel bar:

The S-3 S security package features a steel bar integrated in the lock. This allows you to initially open the door only a crack, preventing strangers from pushing it open all the way. This security package is also available with an automatic lock (S-5 S Automatik) which automatically locks your entrance door when it is pulled shut. The automatic lock is also available without a steel bar (S-5 Automatik).

Automatic locking – comfortable opening:

The S-5 Comfort security packages feature an automatic lock that locks the door automatically when pulled shut. When opening via one of the control element options (internal push button, hand transmitter, etc.) an integrated motor releases the lock and the door can be easily opened Of course you can continue to unlock your entrance door with its key.

Push button opening

With S-5 Comfort, your entrance door can be opened at the push of a button from the inside, e.g. via the house intercom. This is especially suited for multi-party residences.

Finger print scanner

S-5 Comfort Scan opens your door with a finger scanner. You and your family no longer need keys. You can also open your Hörmann garage door with this technology.

The Thermo46 Range from Hormann

Hörmann’s steel Thermo46 doors come in a wide range of styles. Thanks to standard multiple-point locking, these inexpensive doors give you a feeling of security, save energy through excellent thermal insulation and gives a stylish appearance to your home.

Without visible leaf frame

Hörmann’s Thermo46 entrance doors have an exclusive appearance. A beautifully-shaped smooth door leaf made of steel, without a visible leaf frame, simply looks good.

High thermal insulation

Nowadays, people try to save energy everywhere in their homes and Thermo46 doors also play their part. With a 46-mm thick door leaf completely filled with CFC-free rigid foam, these doors provide excellent thermal insulation with a k-value of up to 1.1 W/m2 K. Reducing your energy bills!

The best sealing possible

Double seals on all four sides with additional corner seals near the bottom provide extra protection against bad weather. Heat loss is kept to a minimum.

8-point security

Because you and your family want to feel safe at home, all Thermo46 doors are equipped with multiple-point locking as standard for extra security.

Certified brand quality

All Thermo46 doors are manufactured in line with ISO 9001 and regularly subjected to the strictest quality tests. A CE mark indicates that the doors comply with EU directives in accordance with EN 14351-1. All of the most important door requirements laid out therein are adhered to. The benefits and advantages for you:

  • Water-tight under heavy rain

  • Stable under heavy winds

  • Airtight

  • Acoustic insulation

  • Thermal insulation

Thermo46  Door Designs

TPS 700 TPS 900 TPS 010 TPS 020
TPS 015 TPS 030 TPS 200 TPS 400
TPS 100 TPS 025    

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