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Matching Garage and Entrance Doors

Matching Garage & Entrance Doors


Would you appreciate the benefits of security, thermal insulation and the fantastic appearance that can now be achieved with a high-class range of front entrance doors? Now, front entrance doors are also available alongside matching garage doors that are available alongside matching garage doors, and are equipped with high-tech operating systems to fit perfectly with your home as well as your modern lifestyle.

matching wood grain sectional and side doorThe Garage Door Centre is one of the only few UK specialist companies offering a standard and bespoke range of the highest quality entrance and garage doors that are specifically designed to match each other. Not only are we able to offer matching front and garage doors, but also garage side entrance doors and internal doors too, truly completing the harmonious aesthetic.

Whether the style of your property is traditional, conventional or contemporary, The Garage Door Centre is able to provide the perfect combination of doors in materials and finishes that compliment your home. Hormann’s superb door ranges are able to offer co-ordination among their garage, entrance and side doors; the majority of their sectional garage door designs have exact or complimentary entrance doors in either contrasting or matching finishes and colours.

Such harmonisation is something that is naturally flattering for your home, but is especially relevant in accordance of the trends and aesthetics of modern homes. Co ordination of windows, guttering, doors and other features in colour and style is now a trend in the UK and the results can be stunning from some of the homes we have seen.

There is a great number of Hormann designs to choose from, and each one boasts great strength that surpasses that of plastic and timber doors. Hormann’s aluminium and steel doors offer minimal maintenance requirements and are certain to always look impressive. 

There are now also options from manufacturers Ryterna and Sivelox that enable you to co-ordinate your entrance and garage doors, both ultimately creating different and unique styles.

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Hormann Front Entrance Doors

Hormann have various ranges of entrance doors for your home, all of great quality, deciphering properties and appealing designs. 

Refer to the four diagrams below to further understand the mechanisms and thickness of the door leafs between the different ranges.



ThermoCarbon - Aluminium

With a U-Value of 0.47 W/(m2K) (dependant on door size) and 100mm thick, it is clear why the Hormann TherboCarbon is a top of the range product. Not only does the door have excellent levels of insulation for your home, the 9-bolt locking system, anti-picking system and sheer strength of the door offers a significant amount of security. The aluminium door is also equipped with a stainless steel interior lever handle and concealed hinges between the door leaf and frame.

ThermoCarbon Door Frame, Aluminium

ThermoSafe - Aluminium

The ThermoSafe door by Hormann consists of a 73mm aluminium door leaf, with a U-Value (dependant on door size) of 0.8 (W/m2K) and an 80mm frame with thermal break for great insulation. The great security that is offered is due to the 5-point locking system that is installed. With over 18 colours and 70 door designs to choose from, the ThermoSafe range is sure to provide you with a door to your taste and requirements.

ThermoSafe Door Frame, Aluminium


Thermo 46 - Steel

The Thermo 46 offers a solid steel door of 46mm thickness and, dependant on the size of the door, has a U-Value up to approximately 1.1 (W/m2K). The door is equipped with a multi-point locking system as standard to deter and prevent intruders, with options to add RC 2 safety equipment. 

Thermo 46 Door Frame, Steel


The Thermo 65 - Steel

The Thermo 65 is a high-quality 65mm thick steel entrance door with an 80mm aluminium frame with thermal break. The U-Value (dependant on door size) is up to approximately 0.87 (W/m2K). The door possesses multi-point locking systems as standard, with the option of additional RC 2 safety measures.

Thermo 65 Door Frame, Steel


Thermo 65 matching entrance and garage doors Matching entrance and garage doors
Matching white entrance and garage doors Matching garage and entrance doors


latch locking in upper door leaf lower latch on door leaf bottom latch

When it comes to security, you can rely on the high quality of Hörmann entrance doors. The H-5-Automatic special security pivoting bolt lock, included as standard, provides your home with quality-tested protection. When locking, 3 steel bolts with 2 additional hooks pivot into the stainless steel lock plates. In addition, a stainless steel bolt on the hinge-side engages with the fascia frame. This way, you can feel perfectly secure with the effective 6-point locking system.  The beautifully shaped security rose escutcheon additionally protects the profile cylinder against drilling and twisting off. Available in white and stainless steel.

Graduated higher security Hörmann offers you various security packages offering graduated additional security and comfort. 

Secure opening with an integrated steel bar: The S-3 S security package features a steel bar integrated in the lock. This allows you to initially open the door only a crack, preventing strangers from pushing it open all the way. This security package is also available with an automatic lock (S-5 S Automatik) which automatically locks your entrance door when it is pulled shut. The automatic lock is also available without a steel bar (S-5 Automatik).

Automatic locking – comfortable opening:
The S-5 Comfort security packages have an automatic lock that locks the door automatically when pulled shut. When opening via one of the control element options (internal push button, hand transmitter, etc.) an integrated motor releases the lock and the door can be easily opened Of course you can continue to unlock your entrance door with its key.

Push button opening
With S-5 Comfort, your entrance door can be opened at the push of a button from the inside, e.g. via the house intercom. This is especially suited for multi-party residences.

Finger print scanner
S-5 Comfort Scan opens your door with a finger scanner. You and your family no longer need keys. You can also open your Hörmann garage door with this technology.

Complete freedom and peace of mind - never forget your keys or code again.

reversible key round escutcheon security finger scanner for entrance doors

Side Elements

Hormann offer an endless variation of side elements and transoms to infill above and around the main door frame. Many glazing options are available as well as integrated letter boxes.

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Ryterna also offer the option of styling co-ordinating front entrance and garage doors. Ryterna place emphasis on their ability to create modern and unique patterns and designs, even allowing you to create your own designs to appear on the doors. 

Ryterna Matching Front Entrance and Garage Doors


Take a look at the range of Silvelox Garage Doors and Entrance Doors to discover further options regarding garage doors, side doors and even internal doors. The oppurtunities provided to co-ordinate your whole home with doors of such elegance are vast. 

Silvelox co ordinated entrance and garage doors in timber

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