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Garador Up & Over

Garador are a leading UK manufacturer of up and over garage doors in the UK with garage doors constructed from steel, GRP, timber and UPVC.

Garador produce a wide range of steel up and over garage doors and whatever size of garage opening you have, they will have a door to suit your requirements and offer you excellent value for money.

The panelled designs all have deep, crisp panel profiles and will suit any house type, whether modern or traditional. These doors are both solid and sturdy but with an elegant appearance. The ribbed designs offer maximum durability and have a classical appearance which will blend into most homes.

These doors are available in standard white or from the following colour options: Green, Red, Blue, Black, Brown or Dark Blue. All doors come with a standard black handle.

Garador Canopy Door GearCanopy Operating Gear

Canopy door operating gear is suitable for doors up to 8ft wide (2438mm).

Single canopy door gear mechanism is contained within the door frame with no horizontal tracks protruding into the garage space. When opened, the door forms a 'canopy' with roughly one third of the door outside the garage.

The door travels in the vertical tracks and is counterbalanced by an overhead torsion spring. 

The nominal drive through is 40mm less than the opening width and 130mm less than the opening height.

Garador Retractable Door GearRetractable Operating Gear

Retractable door gear is suitable for all doors and standard on any doors over 8ft wide (2438mm) and ideal for electric operators. Retractable door gear opens along the horizontal tracks inside the garage and travels back into the garage space when opened.

The nominal drive through clearance is 105mm less than the opening width and 110mm less than the opening height for single doors and 140mm less than the opening height for double doors.

Diecast handle options: Brass effect handle, Chrome effect handle and White handle.

Garador Steel Up and Over Garage Doors

Garador Brochure PDF (5.59MB)

Garador Horizon steel up and over garage door
















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The Garador Beaumont steel up and over garage door is available with or without windows. By choosing the Beaumont design with windows it allows you to make use of the daylight within your garage.

You can either choose from clear or crystal panes. Crystal panes are ideal if you don't want people to see in but want to let light into your garage.

Window Options for the Beaumont: Standard, Diamond or Cross. The window frames are only available in White or Brown.

Doors are available as steel, timber and GRP up and over, steel sectional doors and steel side hinged. Options include steel sub frames, finished colours, electric operators and various security options.

Garador Steel Timber-Effect Up and Over Garage Doors

These doors come in either close grain to look like carefully sanded wood or wide grain which has a more rustic character whilst having the appearance of timber doors.

Window Options available: Smoked glazing, Square leaded, Semi-translucent glazing or Diamond Leaded. (Same as GRP Up and Over Garage Doors but with matching window frames).

Door finishes: Ebony, Matt White, Dark Mahogany, Cherry Oak, Mahogany, Honey, Golden Brown or Dark Oak.

Garador Timber-Effect Up & Over Door Designs



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Garador Timber Up and Over Garage Doors

Garador Timber Garage Doors have the warmth and beauty of real wood. Made of natural materials, these doors, with the right care and attention will last you for years to come.

All Garador Timber Garage Doors are supplied with a neutralising base stain and will require immediate on-site finishing. With initial and regular staining, these doors will keep their appearance and last a life time.

As Timber is a natural material Garador cannot guarantee to produce a matching timber garage door.

The Solid Cedar Range of Timber Garage Doors are made from tongued and grooved Solid Cedar boards and the highest quality timber.

These doors are built around a steel subframe which provides structural stability and strength.

Window Options (Sandhurst only): Manufactured from 4mm safety glass

Plain with diagonal leading, Plain with Georgian style leading, Plain, Stippled with diagonal leading, Stippled with Georgian style leading or Stippled.

Diecast handle options: Brass effect handle, Chrome effect handle or White handle.

The Elizabethan Range of Timber Garage Doors are consructed from solid cedar and fine exterior plywood.

The Cavendish is made from high grade, exterior plywood and offers great value for money with the look and feel of a real timber garage door.

Garador Timber Up & Over Door Designs
















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Garador Designer Doors

New to The Garage Door Centre's extensive range are the Garador Up & Over Steel Designer doors.

Garador Designer Up & Over Door Designs

Style 100 Garador

Style 101 Garador

Style 102 Garador

Style 103 Garador

Style 104 Garador

Style 105 Garador

Style 106 Garador

Style 107 Garador

Style 108 Garador

Style 109 Garador

Style 200 Garador

Style 201 Garador

Style 202 Garador

Style 203 Garador

Style 204 Garador

Style 205 Garador

Style 207 Garador

Style 210 Garador

Style 211 Garador

Style 212 Garador





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