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Hormann LPU 67 OFFER

Hormann LPU 67 Ultra Insulated Sectional Door Offer


50% OFF Electric Operators when ordered with Hormann LPU 67

One of the most insulated garage doors you can buy...


When you buy a door of up to 5m wide from the brand new Hormann LPU 67 sectional door range, we are offering half price on an electric operating system and all accessories!

The ultimate insulated garage door with fantastic levels of security too. Made to measure for a perfect fit and providing the very best U-Value for your garage and home...

A door that helps to keep your home warm and heating bills down, the Hormann LPU 67 will be greatly appreciated, especially during the winter months. The excellent insulation is due to the 67mm thick sections with thermal break and a U-value of approximately 1.0 W/(m2.K), achieving up to 30% better thermal insulation in comparison to the LPU 42.


Hormann LPU 67 sectional garage door Hormann LPU 67 sectional garage door - ultra insulation


The premium version of the LPU 67 provides you with a tidy, sleek interior view of the door, maintaining the aesthetic on the outside and the inside of your home. Additionally, the premium version’s fittings, frame, tracks and connection trails match the colour of the inside of the door, collectively benefitting owners who use their garage for functions other than car storage (such as a gym, workspace, etc.).


Technical details of insulation values:

- Section 67mm: U = 0.33 W/(m2.K)

- Door leaf 67mm thick: U = 0.49 W/(m2.K)

- Fitted 67mm door (without glazing, door size 5000 x 2125 mm): U = 1.00 W/(m2.K)


View the difference between the Hormann LPU 42 and LPU 67 in the diagrams below...

LPU 67 Hormann Sectional Garage Door

LPU 67

LPU 42 Hormann Sectional Garage Door

LPU 42



*This offer is for any size door supplied only or installed by us. Delivery charges will apply. * 

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