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Gliderol Roller Shutter Garage Doors

Gliderol Roller Shutter door offering security to both household and high value vehicleThe Gliderol GlideRol-a-Door is the space saving roller garage door. It's single skin non-insulated steel structure gives it a lightweight profile which is very easy to use. Unlike traditional garage doors, the GlideRol-a-Door does not swing out in front of the garage - it rolls up vertically affording more driveway space and more storage space in the roof of the garage.

Every roller door is made to order at no extra cost to optimise your garage opening every time. Designed to install behind the structural opening this door gives maximum width and height for driving through and puts all moving parts out of the way behind the piers.

The GlideRol-a-Door is effortless to use. It opens and closes reliably with minimal noise and friction giving decisive performance during every cycle. Say goodbye to oiling and greasing - just a simple clean of the guides and door surface and you're ready to roll again!

The GlideRol-a-Door is effortless to use. It opens and closes reliably with minimal noise and friction giving decisive performance during every cycle. Say goodbye to oiling and greasing - just a simple clean of the guides and door surface and you're ready to roll again!

The curtain slides in a dry, galvanised steel channel either side and the curtain itself has no hinged parts requiring grease or oiling at the sides.

gliderol non insulated roller shutter garage door pictures prices cost call us now

Easy Installation & Perfect For DIY!

The Gliderol single skin non-insulated roller door also manufactured with a unique profile and aluminium bottom rail to strengthen the roller door against intruder penetration. It is also constructed with a double-sided locking system and is manually operated from the central handle as standard and this lock can be used from both the inside and outside of the door. Electric operation is also available using the Glidermatic GRD operator.

Gliderol Roller Garage Door PDF Catalogue Gliderol Roller Door Colour Chart

The GlideRol-a-Door operates automatically with the Glidermatic GRD remote control electric operator. With an electric automatic operator, it is able to operate from an open position to a closed position and vice versa with ease and quickly too. It offers reduced noise as the motor is housed entirely within the roll of the door giving a quiet and smooth performance. 2 hand held radio transmitters are supplied as standard with each door operator and many other methods of operation are possible such as key switches, digital key pads and so on

Gliderol Electric Roller Shutter Garage Door operator - Glidermatic GRD Gliderol Electric Roller Shutter Garage Door operator - Glidermatic GRD Glidermatic GRD installed on roller shutter
Glidermatic GRD Exterior Glidermatic GRD without fascia Glidermatic installed

It is very easy to use any size Gliderol when operated by the standard Glidermatic remote control system. This allows the roller door to be opened or closed either by means of a compact hand transmitter or by a wall mounted control box on the interior of the garage. With either of these accessories, the door still opens and closes smoothly and quietly. Other methods of control are also available including keyswitches, digital keypads and timers, etc.

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The risk of using another handset sharing the same code is eliminated as the transmitter uses a different code from one of two billion after every operation. Additional transmitters are available on request and a maximum of up to ten transmitters can be used with each Glidermatic system.

Gliderol roller shutter colours

The roller door also functions with an automatic reverse system which stops the motion of the door should the downward path of the door become restricted. This system is full proof and does not rely on infra red beams which can become misaligned far too easily and are not compliant in the UK when used as the only safety device on a remote control roller door. The full proof system of the Gliderol is based on a current surge when the door is obstructed and immediately reverses once detected. You can add infra red beams as an additional device if required, useful perhaps on doors near to public pedestrian walkways.

And to top it off, the operator functions with an automatic light which illuminates your garage when the motor is activated for up to 5 minutes. This allows you the luxury of driving into a fully lit garage on those dark evenings without getting out your car to put other lighting on.

Gliderol Roller Shutter Garage Door also available in double sizes - Shown in double size  Gliderol roller shutter garage door installed on brick surface in green 

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