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Round the Corner

Round the corner garage doors were one of the earliest types of garage doors to follow the side hinged type of garage doors first used. Sliding on different types of top hung rollers with guides commonly running in a U channel set into the ground, the doors are able to be manufactured to almost any size from various types of timber. However the bottom channel was the weak point in the operation as it regularly filled with leaves, gravel and all types of debris which unless cleared out would upset the sliding operation of the door.

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Rundum Side Sectional with automation
Rundum side sectional in superior spruce
Rundum original timber doors in arched openings
Rundum original round the corner garage doors in arched openings
Vertico round the corner aluminium door. Remote control operated
Vertico Round The Corner Aluminium Door in silver finish
Bi Parting Original Rundum in Leicestershire. Very large industrial application
Very large Bi Parting Rundum Original timber door with automation
Rundum original with special routed timber design
Rundum Original with routed design in the timber face
Rundum side sectional timber door with windows in factory paint finish
Rundum side sectional timber door with windows in painted finish
Special routed design Rundum Meir bi-parting door
Special routed design in a bi-parting arrangement with windows

The track would also perish unless stainless or galvanised steel options were used, and replacement of the tracking meant taking the door down cutting the floor and reassembling the door.

Although today you can still buy the necessary hardware to enable assembly of a traditional round the corner door, the time spent installing combined with the expense of having door panels made by a joiner makes it an expensive package indeed. Remote control automation of the system is also very difficult, if not impossible in many cases and when achieved is very difficult to obtain compliance with newer regulations on anti finger trapping and obtruction detection safety.

Now however, there is a solution in the U.K. from one of two German manufacturers - Rundum Meir and Vertico by SWS U.K.

Both door types have a bottom tracking sytem which is installed onto the finished garage floor surface and acts effectively as a weather bar (not a weather trap!) as well as not being affected by dirt, dust and gravel.

Rundum Meir produce two main types of round the corner system and have done since 1968 - the Original Rundum Meir and the Side Sectional door. Both door options can be produced in either timber or galvanised steel sections. Either system can be automated very easily and safely with full CE compliance.
The timber types available include Norwegian Spruce, Superior Spruce, European Oak, Larch, Iroko, Mahogany and Douglas Fir.

The Vertico garage door is a remote control double skinned aluminium round the corner system with a vast range of finished paint and laminate woodgrain finished colours.

Available up to 5800mm wide and 3000mm high in one single door and larger if 2 doors are used in a bi-parting arrangement.

See our Features Page showing both door types in more detail or call one of our branches for further details and pricing.

Vertico aluminium garage doors

Rundum Meir garage doors

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