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Hormann HST Side Sectional

Hormann HST Insulated Side Sectional Garage Doors

The Hormann HST round the corner side sectional garage door is a garage door built on years of high quality and experience from Europe's no. 1 door manufacturer. Double skinned, insulated steel side sectional doors available in several different designs and almost any colour finish. The perfect solution for larger garages and where headroom may be restricted. Also perfect for regular pedestrian access without having to open the garage door fully. A side sectional round the corner garage door offers so much in terms of practicality but also gives a door system with a long lasting guarantee as so little stress is placed on any part of the door. The HST door opens and closes effortlessly at any size with or without electric operation.

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hormann hst side sectional roller shutter garage door buy now

Hormann HST side sectional doors
Smooth, quiet door travel and precise door guiding with twin rollers and a super strong floor rail - The unique twin rollers add to the stability and longevity of this round the corner door. Open ended aluminium floor rails guide the door panels securely yet keep the system free from leaves, gravel and dirt, essential for day to day operation as a manual or electric operation. The HST is a result of many years of research and development in what bad points to iron out of the older type round the corner doors and produce something worthy of recognition. In its basic cinstruction it also tackles head on the panel stability issue that older timber doors would suffer from and also offers high evels of panel insulation to maintain a stable atmosphere inside the garage.

This short video explains the features of a Hormann HST door


panel cross section insulated double skin
Good thermal insulation is produced thanks to 42mm thick Hörmann sectional door sections derived straight from the hugely successful LPU40 sectional garage door ranges including rubber weather seals inbetween each section to give an excellent U value to the panels. Although the bottom section of the door cannot be desribed as sealed it will provide necessary ventialtion whilst the insulated panels help maintain a balanced temperature in the garage. The venting is essential if you use your garage for a car, especially in the winter months when you might be parking your vehicle in the garage wet from the rain

These doors are manufactured from the same double skinned panels as the LPU40 insulated sectional doors so have all the benefits of a tried and tested system sold over many years.

Safe operation is guaranteed with Hörmann finger trap protection as standard between panels and auto reversing when any obstruction is met during the opening or closing cycle. For extra safety an infra red beam can be added, especially relevant if the door is near to a public path or highway or if you have a very young family and actively use your garage. The beams will ensure the door doesn't have to touch anything before stopping and reversing even though the pressure required is minimal to stop the door when closing.

Hormann HST special handle   Hormann HST side sectional garage door
There are 7 different handle options available for any of the doors and 15 preferred colour options for the front face of the door panels as well as the superb and very tough Decograin woodgrain options offering a woodgrain effect laminate foil finish in a choice of Golden Oak and Dark Oak with a new Titan Metallic CH703 finish available as from Autumn 2014.

There is a wicket door position for entering the garage without opening the full door. Simply set one of the hand transmitter buttons to open the door the width of a normal pedestrian door rather than fully opening. The next push of the button will close the door again. This is particularly useful for the ever increasing amount of people not using their garage for a vehicle but if you do and have an extra wide garage you only ever need to partially open the door to enter or exit on foot.

inside of the HST Hormann side sectional door

3 Door Style Variants:
M-ribbed, L-ribbed and S-panelled panel designs are offered in the HST range as shown below in single sizes.

M Ribbed side sectional door design in white  L Ribbed side sectional door design for HST  S panel door design for HST

4 Surface Finishes
Woodgrain, Sandgrain, Silkgrain and Decograin finishes.

Woodgrain finish offers a textured surface to the outside with the effect of wood graining actually pressed into the steel panel.
Sandgrain is a smooth finish surface and uses coil coated steel offering 4 standard colours at a very small extra cost over woodgrain.
Silkgrain is actually a thicker steel and offers the smoothest surface finish with almost any RAL colour ultimately available.
Decograin is a laminated foil coating providing a tough exterior finish in realistic and very durable wood effect.

Optimally Matched Electric Operators
The Hormann SupraMatic or ProMatic electric operators are available, with BiSecur 2 way communication as standard offering the very easiest door operation utlising a 24V motor driving a carriage and boom system down one wall of the garage providing the locking when closed.
Remote control handsets are standard with 2 way communication (Bi Secur) giving the facility to obtain an LED light to indicat the position of your door from a remote location, i.e inside the house.  Did I close the door or not?  Press a button and your operator and transmitter will tell you.

You can also choose from a whole range of digital keypads, keyswitches, proximity card readers, finger readers and so on t ensure the perfect access control system for your home or family requirements.

Size Range
2000 - 6500 mm wide on any door design
1875 - 3000 mm high (ribbed)
2000 - 3000 mm high (panelled)

All the HST side sectional doors are made to order and there are no standard sizes. Each dor is simply priced and ordered from a matrix price list offering sizes to the millimetre. The various track applications that are available mean you can take the door down one wall only or use a bi parting system and utilise both internal walls with the electric motor head either at the back or the front depending on your internal dimensions available. The minimum headroom you require is 95mm when the electric operator is fitted to the back of the garage.

Download Colour Brochure PDF >

Why Have A Side Sectional Door?

There are great benefits in installing a side sectional sliding type door. For a start the door does not swing out when opening or closing and means you can park right up to the door face inside or outside. A side sectional door also means you can open the door only partially and enter or exit the garage and they are ideal for mews style properties where the access may actually be inside the garage itself.

A side sectional door does not require much headroom and although the sideroom may be around 500mm ideally we find round the corner doors are generally used in larger garages. The benefits of a door sliding down one or both walls does mean you have a door system never in your way above your head maybe? In many cases the wall which has the door passing down it can be fitted with a false wall and then shelving if required so the door system actually disappears behind the stud wall when open and means you can still use your wall for storage. A lot of people relish the fact the door means you actually have to keep one wall clear so keep the whole garage tidire in the process!



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