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Carteck Door Styles

Carteck Teckentrup garage doors have been on the market for around the last 80 years. Their robust designs, allows high security doors as well as a suitable design and look for your home. All of the Carteck doors are made with 40mm of insulation with steel panels, to ensure warmth and comfort to your home or garage. Giving you the choice of design including colour and style to best suit your home. All of the CarTeck doors come with security in mind as well as the safety of your loved ones. Because of all of this we are proud suppliers of CarTeck Teckentrup garage doors.


Carteck sectional doors create a stylish and modern feel to your home, with a vertical lifting motion that prevents the door from kicking out at the bottom, giving you more space not only on the driveway but in your garage too. All of the styles come in a variety of colours including woodgrain effects if this is a desire of yours. The sectional doors are becoming more popular as time goes on due to the effective panels giving the illusion of a traditional door, but with a modern look and efficiency, and giving peace of mind with their security features. With the option to have windows included it gives you the true ability to create a unique look for your home.

Carteck sectional with windows Carteck sectional  View our product range

Super Sectional

These larger garage doors are available for doors up to 26 feet wide for those who have larger garages. While some colours are not available in this range, there is still plenty to pick from – If you have any enquires please contact a member of our experienced sales consultants to ensure you get the perfect door for your home. Again these are designed to give you as much space as possible on your property without compromising on the design and security of your property.

Super-sized sectional Super-sized sectional  View our product range

Side Hinged

The traditional side hinged doors meet a modern twist with Carteck, allowing you to get a suitable look for your home in the colour you desire. All of the doors available in the design give you peace of mind, due to the locking system, that no one will be able to enter your home unwelcomed. Again, you can get the choice of how the finished product looks including colour, style and the option to have windows included on your garage door – just like the sectional doors.

Green Side Hinged Carteck Door Double white Side Hinged Carteck Doors Single white Side Hinged Carteck Door

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