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Cotswold Garage Doors

Cotswold Garage Doors

Cotswold Garage Doors are a unique range of GRP up and over doors manufactured using the Hormann 2011 open for infill steel box section chassis as a basis for the entire door panel. The GRP/fibreglass panel is manufactured in your chosen colour which is then inserted into the Hormann chassis and secured. This offers a GRP up and over door with superb stability and confidence as the locking steel rods are used to their maximum effect being secured to the steel chassis and firmly secured into a steel section, which is then attached to the optional steel sub frame.

The up and over door panel is offered with either a canopy or a fully retractable operating gear on sizes up to 8 feet (2438mm) wide and only retractable gear on doors at 14 feet wide (4267mm). With the operational gear is manufactured by Hormann, it gives a smooth, reliable operation, backed by a comprehensive 10 year guarantee.

The components are designed to ensure maximum resistance to the elements, this included the spring system which on many up and over garage doors are only mild untreated steel meaning they are prone to rusting and breaking fairly quickly in a damp environment.

All Cotswold doors are finished with the highest standard of woodgrain or fully finished white and will only need a gentle hose down every so often to bring a once dirty garage door back to how it looked when you first got your door.

The GRP panel will never rot and the colour is impregnated into the GRP material with a final hand finished effect applied by hand, all this completely resistant to most everyday weather, a small amount of fading may occur in many years of strong South facing sunlight but as we have seen over the years so will all other south facing building products exposed to strong sunlight. The white gloss doors obviously do not fade or suffer from the well documented problems over the years that UPVC windows and doors can suffer in a 'yellowing' of the white face.

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Cotswold Garage Doors - Enstone


Cotswold Garage Doors - Moreton


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