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Delta Overlap

Overlap Garage Doors

Overlap - Move to Space

Delta, an Italian manufacturer of garage doors, are revolutionising the industry with their Delta Overlap project, which has become an innovative development within garage door technology.

Overlap is a trackless sectional door, requiring no ceiling tracks during its operation due to its use of modern technological features. Only 200mm of headroom is required as the internal protrusion is reduced by 50%, completely optimising the space of your garage. The door slips upwards by raising and collapsing in half as the lower section slips below the upper section and sits beneath the ceiling. 

To find out more about Overlap sectional garage doors, please call a member of our dedicated team on 01933 229135.

Delta Overlap in operation



Why choose Overlap?

  • Trackless

    This is what makes the Overlap door unique; its supporting frame and two overlapping sections allow for no unsightly ceiling tracks.

  • Invisible Operator

    The operator is completely hidden inside the headbar; it does not require sliding bars and it does not need additional space.

  • Counterbalance System

    The two sections are balanced by means of a counterweight system. Parts subject to wear are minimized.

  • Internal Side

    Due to the unique architecture, the internal side of the door has no hardware on show, making your garage sleek and un-cluttered.

Delta Overlap Air







Delta Overlap Color

Safety should always be a garage door’s first priority, from stopping unwanted intruders to preventing accidents – Delta’s Overlap door has got you covered. The locking system has strong theft-proof qualities, whilst the motor can be linked to alarms and automatic management systems within the household, creating extra security and peace of mind. For your own safety, the Overlap motor has electronic sensors that prevent injuries when the door is closing. The Overlap door ensures the highest safety standards due to SilMotion and other two unique systems: SilRoll and SilHook


The Overlap sectional door is equipped with the SilMotion operator, developed specifically for the Overlap door, its electronic management and double magnetic clutch transmission system reduces consumption and enhances safety standards. SilMotion significantly contributes to what makes the Overlap so innovative – it is completely integrated in the headbar, allowing for the internal door to be sleek and also without reducing the door clearance. Additionally, SilMotion allows for the Overlap door to be connected to your smartphone, making it possible for you to diagnose the mechanics through a Bluetooth application. In case of power failure or malfunction, the operator can be automatically disengaged and it is possible to operate the door manually.

Insulation and Energy Efficiency

The 21st Century calls for homes to be well-insulated, not only for your own comfort but for the planet's too. The Overlap is not only resistance against the harsh weather, but it also has a thermal transmittance “U” rating of up to 1.50 W/m2 K, assuring you of a pleasantly warm garage, reducing the requirement of extra heating or the chance of drafts entering into your house. The door is also electronically controlled by an energy efficient design that drives a triple magnetic clutch and one mechanical clutch linked to the counterweights. 


The Overlap has an outstanding variety of colours, accessories and finishes of an extremely high quality. Whether you opt for a metallic, contemporary or traditional style, the Overlap door will certainly be the masterpiece of your home.

Please see below to view the features and finishes available. 




Plana Models 

Delta Overlap Full Glass Garage Door

Full Glass

Delta Overlap Color Garage Door


Delta Overlap Wood Garage Door


Delta Overlap Material Garage Door


The Plana Overlap garage doors (above) provide you with sleek and unique features, with finishes available in ‘Wood’, ‘Color’ and ‘Material’, all with optional colours. This range also features the ‘Full Glass’, a beautiful attribute to your building; made of safety glass in either clear, satin or tinted glass, this door boasts opportunity for not only the home, but other working or show spaces.


Classic Models 

Delta Overlap Air Garage Door


Delta Overlap Wide Garage Door


Delta Overlap Sound Garage Door


Delta Overlap Wave Garage Door


Delta Overlap Box Garage Door






The Classic range of Overlap doors offers various options to suit your home; each style available can be modified to your taste, with an excellent selection of finishes and colours.

Having the oppurtunity to work with such innovative and versatile designs allows you to create a garage door to perfection, whether your home be of a modern or traditional aesthetic.



Delta Overlap Garage Door in Operation





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