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Insulated Roller Doors

Insulated Roller Shutter Garage Doors

Insulated Roller Garage Doors offer a smooth, vertical operation which maximises space both inside the garage and on your driveway, allowing you to park right up to the door both inside and outside the garage. Insulated roller doors are really no different in their principal to non insulated roller doors but do have the added advantage of strength in the curtain as well as the insulating properties. The rolling up action however is universally the same for any roller door but there are massive differences in the mechanics that enable this action time after time without any gliches.

Insulated roller garage door in archway

The luxury and convenience of Remote Controlled Operation in most insulated roller doors allows you to open, close and lock your roller garage door from the comfort and safety of your vehicle. Like all vertically operating garage doors they are not restricted to useage by the shape of the garage opening so have far greater variation of applications than up and ver garage doors.

odd shaped garage openings - no problem with a roller door

Twin walled, maintenance free, aluminium slats, insulated with CFC free foam maximise energy efficiency in your garage. With exceptionally durable construction, backed up by a comprehensive 2 - 5 year guarantee on all manufactured parts, an Insulated Roller Garage Door is a sound investment for your home.

All exposed components are made from corrosion resistant aluminium and then factory coated to a high standard, giving you a maintenance free door which will look as good as new for years to come.

Insulated Roller Garage Doors are both reliable and robust, offering secure protection for yourself, your car and your home. Exceptionally strong aluminium slats lock into position to repel attack or attempted break in whilst remote controlled operation further increases security.

Unlike the lower priced single skin steel roller shutters individual aluminium slats can be replaced if damaged, are much quieter in operation and also quieter when the door is closed in high winds. Many manufacturers now offer a smaller aluminium slat to give a smaller coil, therefore requiring less headroom internally, these will not insulate as well as the more commonly used 77mm x 20mm slat as shown to the right here.

With an insulated Roller Garage Door your garage can provide valuable additional space as a workshop, hobby or utility room. Twin-walled, maintenance free aluminium slats are insulated with CFC-free foam for increased energy conservation, reduced heat loss and improved sound proofing. Brush seals provide superior draught proofing and whisper quiet operation, whilst a bottom weatherseal helps prevent dust and debris from blowing into the garage.

roller door fitted outside the garage with optional hoodThe most space inside a garage can be gained by installing a roller shutter externally and with the aluminium insulated roller shutter this is very easy as the design allows a fully enclosed aluminium hood to be fitted to enclose the coil and finish the visual appearance properly.

The example to the right shows all components neatly powdercoated in a black paint finish and a discreet hood cover to produce a neat overall look. With the door fitted externally the width, height and length of the garage is optimised for maximum useage internally.

Electric Roller Doors are generally supplied with two mini keyfob transmitters. Each uses secure state-of-the-art rolling code technology with literally millions of possible combinations and allows you to operate and lock the garage door remotely. An integral courtesy light built into the control panel automatically illuminates the garage interior for convenience and safety.

All automatic Roller Garage Doors are equipped with an intelligent safety bottom edge detector with optional infra red photocells for extra safety usually if the door is near a public highway or pathway. These systems will immediately stop the operation of the door if an obstruction in its path is detected, thereby preventing injury or damage. The infra red safety beams should not be the only safety device on a roller door unless it uses a 'hold to run' logic with the static or remote controls.

There are an increasing number of lower specification insulated roller garage doors available on the British market now to offer a no frills system with basic remote controls, no internal lighting, non painted guides and lower levels of security add ons.

These still offer excellent packages for a roller door product far superior than lower priced steel shutters or even basic up and over garage doors.

The Garage Door Centre supplies insulated roller garage doors constructed from aluminum foam filled lath from the following market leading UK based companies. make sure whichever manufacturer you are looking at they have a fully compliant safety detection system and will be properly CE marked on installation. There are currently far too many roller garage doors being offered which are not safe, reliable, or even suitable for any long term use.

hormann rolller garage doorsGliderol garage doors and electric operatorsseceuroglide roller garage doors

We can provide prices for supply only or installation if required throughout the UK and do have many other manufactures for more specialised applications when required.

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