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Gliderol Roll-a-Glide Compact Door

Door Type
Roller Shutters

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The Roll-a-Glide Compact insulated roller garage door is an intelligent design solution creating a smart and stylish door that features vertical travel, insulation, all round weather protection and remote control operation as standard - quite a package! The door rolls neatly round a barrel above the door, using the very minimum of space inside the garage. The spectrum of finishes makes Roll-a-Glide the perfect choice for any home.

Make life easy - every Roll-a-Glide door operates by remote control. However if you don't want an electric garage door, manual operation is available with the Roll-a-Glide Manual 77!

Roll-a-Glide Compact takes up very little space inside your garage. The standard configuration requires 300mm of headroom and 90mm for side guides. If a door is under 9sqm this can be further reduced to 270mm headroom with 70mm side guides and, for very tight spaces, the compact version is available for doors up to 9sqm at just 205mm headroom with 67mm side guides.

Roll-a-Glide’s aluminium lath is highly corrosion resistant and filled with a CFC free dense foam that provides insulation and strength. Laths are 77mm deep and interlock to form the door curtain. The compact version has 55mm deep lath to allow a tight roll, reducing the headroom requirement. The aluminium side guide tracks that enclose the ends of the door curtain provide solid fixing points for the door and limit the passage of draughts around the curtain.

Roll-a-Glide is a tried and tested technical marvel! The controls and sensing systems are proven performers in all weathers, day-in, day-out. Security is provided by spring loaded locking straps every 550mm along the barrel - not one locking point but at least four! Should an attempt be made to force up the door curtain, a piercing alarm sounds on the wall control - an excellent deterrent to potential intruders. The motors have ample power to lift the door smoothly and quietly and once set up will operate reliably for years. Battery backup offers peace of mind in power failures and a range of controls make everyday use trouble-free.

High grade finishes are powder coated onto the lath or applied as a laminate. Both are highly durable and will simply wipe clean.

Paint finishes

gliderol insulated roll-a-glide paint finishes

Laminate (woodgrain textured) finishes

gliderol insulated roll-a-glide laminate woodgrain finishes

gliderol insulated roll-a-glide laminate woodgrain finishes

*Denotes Compact Roll-a-Glide Colours.

Please Note: Brilliant Blue, Moss Green and Dark Red are no longer available.

Note Concerning Colours: Door guides are available in colours matching the door curtain except laminate door colours (supplied in brown). Coloured guide rails are supplied as standard, however they may not match the lath colour. The manufacturing process for the lath profile results in a textured finish, whilst all other coloured items (guides, bottom laths, lock laths, optional fascias and vision panels) are supplied in a satin finish so cannot be guaranteed to match exactly. Over time, some scuffing may occur on front and rear surfaces of doors as a result of their normal operation.

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