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Hormann HST M Ribbed

Door Type
Round the Corner

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Smooth, quiet and safe the new Hörmann HST side sliding sectional door features
the worlds first handle actuated, automatic wicket door function. A simple press of the handle or handset will open the door to a predetermined point. Whether it is access for a bicycle,motorcycle, wheelbarrow or just a person, the wicket door function can be set to any width to suit you.

Precise and easy door travel is achieved with Hörmanns' unique twin rollers that add to the stability and longevity of this door. The open ended aluminium floor rail guides the door panels securely yet is easy to keep free from leaves and dirt, essential for both the manual and automatic versions.

Double automatic safety cut-outs on the opening and closing cycle, plus the designed in finger trap protection, on both the inside and outside, add to the safe operation of this door.

42mm thick polyurethane insulation adds to the strength and rigidity of each panel and combined with the flexible weather resistant seals, keeps the elements out.

Available in three styles, one panelled and two ribbed options, and three finishes - Woodgrain, Silkgrain and Decograin. There are 15 preferred colour options as well as the standard white and a Golden Oak Decograin finish. To add to the styling detail, there is a range of seven coloured handles required for both manual operation and for the handle operated wicket door function.

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