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Seip Remote Operators

Seip Remote Control Operators

seip remote control garage door operators

Seip are a well known brand in remote control operation. Known for their low power consumptions, maintenance-free benefits and high quality, Seip operators are a trustworthy manufacturer of access control electric operators for garage doors.

Supplied as stanard, all Seip operators come with:

  • emergency release to allow for manual operation in case of a power cut
  • 433 mhz remote control to act as a high performance remote control set which provides good range, frequency and trouble-free operation

How does a Seip door operator work?

Very easily. You press the hand transmitter once and the garage door opens. Press again, and the garage door closes.

How can I access the garage in case of a power failure?

Every Seip operator comes with a quick release as standard. In many cases this can be operated from outside of the garage. Contact us for more information.

What happens if the garage door hits an obstacle?

The operator recognises an impact with an obstruction and automatically reverses running direction.

Can I also use the Seip hand transmitter for an existing older operator?

Existing operators and gate systems can be equipped with an optional external Seip receiver. With the Seip standard transmitter you have 4 channels available, from which one is used for the Seip operator. The remaining three channels may be used for other items.

I own a car with an integrated remote control for garage door operators - are the Seip operators compatible with this Home-Link system?

The operator series TS and the TM60 are compatible with Home-Link modules from software version 6 or later. For older versions of the Home-Link module, please contact us for more information.

Which garage door?

Up & Over garage doors and Sectional garage doors operate as standard with an operator.

Canopy type doors need a special adaptor which we offer as an accessory (not pictured - contact for more information).

All garage doors can be automated with a Seip operator one way or another.

Seip Remote Control Operators

seip tm60 garage door operator seip ts75 large powerful remote control garage door operator seip ts100 commercial powerful remote control garage door operator seip rp60a commercial powerful remote control garage door operator

Seip TM60

Best used for single garage doors.

The TM60 can also be used with double garage doors which run efficiently and are well looked after.

This operator is no longer available however we still offer repairs for it.

Seip TS80

The Seip TS80 is suited to more heavier single garage doors (e.g. steel frame with a timber surface)

Also suited to double garage doors.

Seip TS100

The TS100 is designed for heavier commercial double garage doors which house upto 25 cars.

Recommended operator for canopy type doors.

Can also be installed on side-hinged doors depending on headroom within the garage

Seip RP60A

The RP60A is suitable for single garage doors.

This models supersedes the Seip TM60 and comes with external release and a sleek modern design.

This operator comes with 3 remote control handsets.

Remote Control Handsets
Seip TS mini handset seip 433 midi handset
Seip TS Mini Handset Seip TS Mini Oval Handset Seip 433 Midi Handset
Seip wireless digi pad for remote control garage door operaton    
Seip Digi-Pad Control    

The Seip Operators have an automatic safety reverse, which is standard on all Seip Operators. When the door meets an obstruction the operator will automatically reverse! 

 Product Overview  RP60A  TM50  TM80  TS100
 Max. Pulling Force  60kg  50kg  80kg  100kg
 Peak Pulling Force  75kg 75kg  100kg   115kg
 Automatic Force Adjustment  Yes Yes  Yes  Yes 
 Usage  Single & Double Garage Doors  Single & Double Garage Doors  Single & Double Garage Doors  Double Garages & Garages with upto 25 cars
 Usage with Up and Over Doors  Yes Yes  Yes  Yes (2) 
 Usage with Sectional Doors  Yes Yes  Yes  Yes 
 Usage with Canopy Type Doors (optional extras required)  No No  Yes (2)  Yes 
 Usage with Side Hinged Doors (optional extras required)  Yes  Yes Yes  Yes 
 Max. size of garage door without C rail extension (W x H)  4 x 2.25m  4 x 2.25m  5 x 2.25m  6 x 2.25m
 Max. size of garage door with C rail extension (W x H)  4 x 2.75m  4 x 2.75m  5 x 3.25m  6 x 4.15m
 Equipment supplied as standard with all Seip Operators        
 2 x Midi Hand Transmitters, 4-Channel 433 MHz rolling codes  Yes Yes  Yes  Yes 
 Emergency Release  Yes Yes  Yes  Yes 
 Optional Special Functions        
 Automatic Closing  No No No  Yes 
 One-Way Traffic Control  No No  No  Yes
 Seperated Impulse  No No  No  Yes

(2) For garages with more than 6 cars the use of an Up-and-Over Door is not recommended  

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