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Special Garage Doors

Looking for Something Special?

Since 1986 The Garage Door Centre has been specifying, designing and installing some of the very best types of garage doors and electric gates for the most prestigious of properties. Bespoke in size, colour, material and control.

The choice of unique and bespoke garage doors today is even bigger and better and we have presented a few of the current best types available in the UK below:

Of course when we talk about the best special garage doors available this does not necessarily mean the most expensive.

curved round the corner garage door
Round the Corner Garage Door
Above: Internal view
Below: External view
round the corner with a special curve incorporated

There are many excellent high quality garage doors available which are extremely good value for money when you consider what is offered.

A very good example of this is the Hormann sectional door range which offers some of the insulated double skinned steel doors for the same price of an equivalent sized steel up and over door. When you consider the insulation, security, sealing properties, style and the practicality of the sectional door the price does seem quite unbelievable.

Fancy something a bit more creative? How about one of our unique design your own door kits! We simply supply a high quality frame, handle and locking kit and leave the door designing entirely up to you!

For that luxury addition to your driveway, why not check out some of our high quality electric gates? These fantastic gates can be specified to your exact needs and supplied in either Steel, Timber or GRP. And for ease of use, your new electric gate can even be operated from the same handset you use to operate your garage door!

Imitation Special Garage Doors

Of course many products seem like good value for money but when you investigate further you may well find you do not get quite what seem to be promised - so beware of cheap imitations, especially with electric roller shutter doors!

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