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Carteck LED Light Strips Offer

 Carteck LED Light Strips: 25% off Autumn 2019

Welcome home...

Light up your garage this Autumn & Winter!

In stock now and currently on display in our Wellingborough showroom!

Carteck LED strip lighting for sectional garage doors

 LED Lighting System

This lighting system offers a contemporary, efficient and exceptionally bright light for use in your garage, providing a fantastic alternative to conventional and duller lighting typically used in garages.

The lights are LED in a white neutral colour, creating a brighter space whilst you park your vehicle or work within your garage, making parking easier as well as safer. The illumination of the strips – 6000 lumen – completely transforms what can be typically quite a dull room, despite its low power consumption!

Take a look at the video below to see exactly what kind of impact the LED strip lights can make...



Additionally, where there is light, there is comfort. The lights are equipped with a motion sensor, meaning they turn on and off when movement is detected, making you feel safer against unwanted intruders.

The LED strips are magnetic and they can be applied with complete ease – your garage can be lit up within roughly 15 minutes. Once applied to your door’s tracks and connecting the motion sensor and power, you can simply turn them on and off with the infrared handset provided at your leisure.

So, how easy is it really to assembly these lights? Just take a look at the visual tutorial below... 

How to Assemble LED lighting



Offer expires midnight 31st December

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