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Timber Up and Over

Timber up and over garage doors by The Garage Door Centre

There are many standard styles and sizes available from most mainstream manufacturers of timber up and over garage doors and many will also produce purpose made sizes generally up to a maximum of 16 feet wide (4877mm) and 8 feet high (2438mm).

Timber Up & Over Garage Door

Timber garage doors are available with canopy or retractable operating mechanisms. Most timber up and over doors however will be best supplied with retractable operating gear due to the weight and general requirement for remote control electric automation.

We have seen an enormous increase in the requirement for more bespoke designs over the years driven in the main by a desire to reproduce the garage door in as near to the period detail as possible. This may only be for example a wider timber board size, a specific timber species or a particular glazing detail but all can be achieved for the perfect finish to your home.

We can achieve almost any design that is physically possible with timber including working to CAD drawings and exact requirements for the species and source if available. 
You can of course design and get your own garage door buit in timber using your local joiner but be aware of the necessity for a balanced mechanism and minimum safety requirements, particularly if the door is to be electrically operated.

We can help here too with a range of chassis panels designed specifically to take timber boarding sections in standard or bespoke sizes with fully tested and legally compliant operating gear, locking and fixing sub frame - see the DF98 and N80 open for infill or the superb ET500 door systems.

Would you rather design your own timber door?

If you can't pick out your favourite design or you simply want something unique to your home that no one else will have, you can create your own design. Our experienced sales team are available to help you make the perfect design suitable for your home improvements.

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Timber Up & Over Garage Door with Pedestrian Access

Timber up and over garage doors are generally constructed in 2 different ways - one method uses a steel box section or 'c' channel steel sub frame chassis to which the timber is then fixed and the second method is using only timber and constructing the entire door panel using traditional joinery methods. i.e. mortice and tenon joints, dowels, etc.

The steel sub chassis method offers greater flexibility in sizes and enables the use of heavier hardwoods as the timber 'cladding' does not need to be of a structural size as the overall strength for the door comes from the steel chassis itself and also enables the use of a box section fixing sub frame which offers tighter tolerances and more security when closed.


Up and over one piece garage doors are always going to be limited by their weight as they get to the larger sizes. Generally the maximum width for a timber up and over door is 16 feet wide (4877mm) and over that width you need to look at either a timber sectional or timber round the corner door system. The maximum sensible height is about 8 feet (2438mm)


Most up and over timber doors are available with a high quality factory applied woodstain finish in a wide range of traditional and modern colours. Doors treated correctly can give many years before you even have to think about a refresh of the stain making a timber door just as easy to maintain as steel or GRP in most cases.

Woodrite Timber Up & Over Door Designs

Woodrite timber garage doors prove to be some of the best timber doors you can buy in the UK; every part of their methods of construction is carried out in the most precise and correct method.

This includes the treament of every timber section before it is actually used on the door panel. The various species of timbers used are of the highest quality, and various options are offered. These include cladding the steel sub frame, overcaldding the steel chassis of the main door panel, as well as timber sub frame options where cedarwood is overclad, ensuring a perfect match with the garage door panel itself.

Overall, Woodrite doors offer the best quality and options that many simply cannot compete. The timbers readily available with Woodrite include Cedarwood, Oak, Idigbo (a great alternative to oak), and Accoya, the perfect, durable timber for painting.

Bierton Timber


Bledlow Timber


Burnham Timber


Chalfont Timber


Chartridge Timber


Chesham Timber


Coleshill Timber



Hormann Timber Up & Over Garage Doors

Whatever the style of your property, traditional or modern architecture, the Hormann Series 2000 styles of timber doors in either panelled or tongued and grooved design, offer you the choice to find a style that will add warmth and character to your home, with or without glazing options.

The main material used for Hormann up and over doors is carefully selected cedarwood, with its finely figured grain and variation in colour. Cedarwood is the ideal timber for resistance to the very varied UK climate.

The Hormann timber door gets its overall strength from the steel box section chassis that the door panel is based upon - the 'open for infill' chassis is the basis of the entire Hormann range of up and over doors.

Burbage Timber


Caxton Timber


Chevron Timber


Garage Light Timber

Garage Light

Gatacombe Timber


Horizontal Timber


Chester Timber



Garador Timber Up & Over Door Design

All Garador timber doors are manufactured with the same high degree of craftsmanship to get the best from this natural material. For example, all cedar rails have chamfered edges and boundary joints creating a neat finish. All doors are supplied with a neutralising base stain and are ready for on-site finishing or can be ordered pre finished

Timber garage doors combine the warmth and beauty of real wood and the very best of Garador garage door engineering. Nothing really beats natural materials and no matter whether you choose from the Solid cedar or Elizabethan range – a timber garage door is a sensible choice as well as an aesthetic one and with the right care and attention will last for years to come

Chevron Timber




Barrington Timber


Kingsbury Timber








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Cedar Timber Up & Over Door Designs

Specialising in the manufacture of timber garage doors, Cedar Doors produce one piece up and over doors up to 18 feet in width (5500mm), as well as 10 feet (3048mm) in height. They use either traditional joinery methods or modern techniques, involving a pre-fabricated aluminium sub frame chassis.

As well as a standard range of designs, bespoke designs in cedar and other timber species are also available to help you specify a garage door to match other joinery products, such as windows or entrance doors.

Cedar Haddon Timber up and over garage door


Ashford Timber


Wessington Timber


Bakewell Timber


Barlow Timber


Tideswell Timber


Cathedral Timber


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