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Sommer Electric Garage Door Operators

Sommer is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of top quality operators for garage doors, roller shutters and awnings throughout Europe.

Sommer aim to produce only the highest quality products via incredible customer service, and for this reason they only sell their products via specialist retailers. With their products being some of the best on the market, The Garage Door Centre have partnered with them to sell their products.

Their electric garage door operators can also sometimes be called the Carteck Drive, due to the partnership the two companies share.

Intelligent Design

Sommer operators are incredibly smooth-running, because the motor track carriage moves itself along a tensioned chain which results in no frictional loss or loss of power. Because the motors move, rather than being static, they are always in the exact place that the power is most needed. This results in optimal force application and high security.

Not only this, but it also ensures a long service life and means less wear and tear of the garage door operator. In addition the operator is completely maintenance free, and because the chain doesn’t need oiling there are no spillages.


Sommer electric motorSafety is a top priority for Sommer, and their products are all designed with that in mind at all times, aiming to be clever, but dependable at the same time.

The safety lock system (known as SLS) is a unique system that allows the door be engaged and disengaged in every single position. In addition to this, the system locks your garage door in position in case of a power failure, making this an incredibly secure emergency locking system.

They automatic obstacle detection provides fantastic security for families with pets and children. The operator automatically reverses if an obstacle is encountered which ensures cars, animals and vehicles will not be crushed or pinched.


All their motors come with a radio control system which ensures convenient and practical use, making your garage door work for you.

The system is a low-interference and transmission-secure radio system that ensures complete ease of use, allowing you to use your garage door without having to leave the car or go outside.

To ensure that the system is still secure, it operators using a rolling code system that means it cannot be accessed from anything other than authorised handsets.


Complete home automation

One of the biggest advantages to a Sommer system is that the radio transmission can be extended to multiple parts of you house. Gates, shutters, awnings, lights and much more can all be added to the system, to create a truly modern automated and secure home.

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