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Awnings For The Home

Samson Awnings

Stylish Sun Shading Solutions for Both Commercial and Domestic Premises from one of the UK’s Leading Sun Protection Specialists - Samson Awnings

Samson Awnings In partnership with The Garage Door Centre

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Retractable Patio Awnings

Retractable awnings for the patio

Retractable Patio Awnings for the home are available as a full cassette, semi-cassette or open cassette unit in either a manual or electrically operated format.

Our sun protection patio awnings are manufactured by leading companies such as Markilux, Weinor and Lakeland Awnings.

These companies are renowned for beautiful designs, high-quality awning construction and luxurious awning covers.

Both The Garage Door Centre and Samson Awnings deal with the surveying, supply, installation, servicing and post-installation care of all things awnings.

We can offer awning units up to 14m wide with a 4m projection.

The perfect to cover those large spaces which feel the direct heat of the sun but require shade and protection from our very changeable weather in the UK.

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Retractable Awnings with Drop Down Valance

Retractable awnings with drop down valancePatio awning with shadeplus drop down valance cover the majority of our retractable patio awnings are available with a drop down valance to effectively protect against a low lying sun and drafts.

Especially useful during sunrise and sunset, a drop down valance has more than 1 use.

A drop down valance can be used to prevent light winds effectively due to its weighted bottom to keep it steady - they can even be used to keep out the eyes of nosey neighbours.

Valances can be operated manually or powered automatically.  Both processes are fast, efficient and easy.

 Manual operation is provided by means of a twist crank.
Automatic operation is by means of a remote control set and a built-in motor.

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Retractable Awnings with Built-In Lighting

Retractable awnings with built-in lightingBuilt-in Lighting systems are the perfect way to create a warm ambience on your patio.

With fully tilting halogen light fittings, directional light is achieved so you can create a variety of different lighting effects.

Lighting components can be built into either the front profile or in the main cassette depending on what effect you desire.

LED lighting is now common in all high quality awnings and obviously is very low on running costs as well as having extremely long bulb life capability.

Built-In Lighting systems can also be used for commercial purposes to extend the use of exterior areas long into the night.

Very popular with restaurants, built-in lighting systems are also very popular with pubs and hotels.

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Garden Glass Rooms

Garden Glass Rooms - Samson AwningsA Garden Glass Room enables you to embrace the day when the sun is out, and be protected from the rain on a miserably day - all behind high-quality protective panes of glass. Create a unique outdoor room that can be used nearly all year round and captures the beauty of your garden and outdoor living area.

Created by German manufacturers Weinor, the Garden Glass Room is an intricately designed glass room which offers you unobstructed panoramic views of your surroundings with protection from the weather.

Our glass rooms allow you to remain fully protected against the wind and rain, yet remain fully interactive with your garden space which creates a calm atmosphere and develops into a peaceful area - a perfect way to sit back, relax and unwind after a long day at work. 

Glass sections can remain vertically fixed or can slide or fold to create an open space to cope with larger crowds e.g.. parties, gatherings.

The system is modular and you can add many extra items to enhance your outdoor room at later dates as you learn to utilise it fully with the ever changing weather in the UK.

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Glass Canopy Veranda Roofs

Glass Canopy Veranda Roof System A glass canopy veranda roof is a permanent structure designed mainly for patios to optimise the use of your garden area throughout the year.

Our showpiece glass canopy veranda roof is the Weinor WeiTop Terrazza.

Constructed with a simple and strong aluminium frame and glass panes of the utmost highest quality, the Terrazza is also available with glass side panels to transform it into a garden glass room (shown above).

This means valuable garden furniture can be left outside without the risk of water damage. Furthermore, heating and lighting options are available on request meaning the Terrazza really can be used 365 days a year.

They are available with a selection of sun conservatory roof awnings to control shading and temperature fluctuations to suit your tastes.

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Parasols & Large Umbrellas

Parasols and Larage Umbrellas - Samson AwningsThe Garage Door Centre & Samson Awnings provide a high specification range of giant parasols and large umbrellas available with a centre pole, cantilever side-arm or wall mounted construction.

The traditional centre pole umbrella is fairly simple.

The frame consists of a grounded centre pole which supports the canopy frame of the umbrella.

A cantilever side-arm umbrella (pictured right) is supported by an offset supporting arm - perfect for covering dining areas or patios.

A wall-mounted umbrella is exactly as it's named. They are fixed onto the wall and ideal for areas with minimal space for foundation supports.

Once finished with, they can easily be folded against the wall ready for when they are next needed.

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Gibus ProductsGibus are experts in providing unique retractable terrace covers for domestic and commercial use.

Gibus specialise in freestanding and leaning retractable terrace covers. Manufactured in Italy, Gibus have been committed to creating, marketing and using products that are made for people.

Gibus pride themselves on their products being safe, guaranteed, beautiful functional and avant-garde.

The Gibus Med Systems are a range of strong, robust and solid terrace covers with a strong retractable roof system which offers highly effective levels of sun shading.

All Gibus systems are perfect for all year round weather protection from our changeable British weather.

The Gibus Med range is ideal for both commercial and domestic applications, coming in a range of sizes and projections. Most roof systems also come as freestanding or wall-mounted.

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Retractable Side Screens

Retractable Side Screen

Retractable Side Screens are an extremely simple yet effective form of garden sun protection.

It's primary uses are to shade areas affected by low lying sun, block sudden bursts of wind and keeps your patio hidden from prying eyes.

Cheaper than other sun protection solutions, a retractable side screen simply clips into the holding structure and provides a vertical source of innovative protection.

It takes an estimated 5 seconds to fully open which is what makes it so popular.

When closed, this side screen awning is encased in a cassette cover against the wall giving it a neat, elegant appearance.

Our high quality retractable side screens are manufactured by renowned German manufacturers Markilux and Weinor.

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Heating & Lighting Systems

Heating and Lighting Systems - Samson AwningsHeating & Lighting Systems help transform your patio awning area from a space that can only be used during the summer days to a space which can be used night & day all year round.

Effective products are available from both Markilux and Weinor.

Markilux provide five products:

- Markilux compact heating system
- Markilux Hotcap heating system on a stand
- Markilux Spotline lighting system
- Markilux Hotspot heating and lighting unit combined

Weinor provide two products: the Tempura heating system and Lux light bar.

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