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Secured by Design Garage Doors available from The Garage Door Centre

When you require a garage door that is 'Secured by Design' accredited, the choice can be somewhat limited, however The Garage Door Centre can now offer three different options...

What does Secured by Design mean?

Secured by Design is the official UK Police flagship initiative supporting the principles of 'designing out crime' by use of effective crime prevention and security standards for a wide range of products and applications.

Only products which have been tested and meet the required technical standard can be awarded the Police Preferred Specification.

Research has indicated that Secured by Design product useage can reduce burglary by up to 50% and criminal damage by 25%. It is also important to note that 95% of products tested by the LPCB fail!

The Garage Door Centre Range

We now have an up and over door, roller shutter door and sectional garage door all with the Secured by Design specification to offer!

For further information on the Secured by Design initiative, you can refer to their website:

Garador Guardian Range - Secured by Design

Garador, a manufacturer of high quality steel doors of many years, dedicate a range purely consisting of garage doors that have been tested and approved by Secured by Design: The Guardian Range. 

Internal view of a Guardian door with reinforced 4 point locking - Garador

The Guardian range offers a range of steel up and over doors that have been tested and approved with the prestigous 'Secured by Design' accreditation. This accreditation is gained by having a specific specification tested and approved by an independent body to give a rating which in the Guardian range is level 1. The Guardian door is an upgraded version of their existing steel door, which was already recognised as one of the strongest door builds for a one piece up and over, with the following specification built as standard:

Lock Body protection - A reinforcing plate is added to the rear of the garage door panel behind the lock body to prevent attack and access to the internal workings and locking rod anchor point.

Anti Snap Cylinder - The standard cylinder is changed for a new 'anti-snap' version which also incoroporates a sacrificial front.
The new cylinder is designed to prevent entry even after an attack.

High Security Bracing - Braces on the rear of the door panel are increased from 2 to 8 for extra protection against leverage and forcing.
The number of spot welds has been increased by more than 70 further securing the door skin.

4 Point Locking - the door has 4 steel locking rods and 4 points of securing at each corner to ensure maximum resistance to attack with crowbars and other items of force.

Improved Lock Security - Additonal steel plates have been added to protect each locking point in the corners. These plates ensure the latches remain in tact even after extreme attack.

Steel Sub Frame - The 'Guardian' door is automatically supplied with a steel fixing sub frame for maximum security, far stronger and resistant than a timber sub frame would ever be.


Garador Guardian Lock Plate Garador Guardian Lock Body Protection Garador Guardian Bracing

The Guardian range of steel up and over doors are offered in the Horizontal and Vertical patterns in canopy and retractable operating gear up to sizes 9'0" (2743mm) wide and 7'0" (2134mm) high as ordering sizes with the steel frame size to add in each order size.

The doors are white powdercoat finished as standard but also offered in 6 standard colour options at a small extra charge which also includes the steel fixing sub frame.

Retractable PLUS gear is also offered on doors up to 7'6" wide to increase the drive through width if required by lifting the side arm geometry and giving full width where the wing mirrors on an average car would be.

The Garador Guardian range is only certificated as a manual operated door but you can add an operator if you wish although you could not have the door certificated if you chose to do so. You would however still have a very strong steel up and over garage door and if you added the security de latch device it would be still locked in 4 points and also have the electric operator holding it secure as additional security.

Call now for full details on this garage door and the lates sizes and price on (01933) 229135.
Give us some dimensions of your garage and we can give you some budget prices. If you like the prices we can arrange for a survey to ensure you get the right size and specification and then once confirmed you can order and have your door delivered or installed professionally.

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SWS Seceuroglide Excel - Secured by Design

The superb SeceuroGlide Excel aluminium electric roller garage door was the first in the UK to obtain the prestigious 'Secured by Design' status. This was achieved after many years of hard work improving the already fantastic SeceuroGlide Classic, where it then passed the test by the LPCB.

SWS Secured by Design garage doors

The Excel is a fully remote control, electric, double-skinned, insulated, aluminium roller garage door available in a very wide range of colours and finishes. The roller door is made to order to ensure a perfect fit, and when subject to installation by a trained engineer, offers a Level 1 status from the LPCB. The original roller door before certification was already, and still is one of the most secure roller garage doors of this aluminium type in the UK, offering all the very latest in technology.

Technical Innovation

The SeceuroGlide Excel is fitted with an innovative patented locking mechanism that automatically secures the door everytime is closes. When the door is closed, the aluminium slats lock firmly, stopping attempts to break through or lift the door. To prevent the curtain from being forced out of the guide rails, the Excel also features unique enhanced bottom slat anchors.

In addition to this, steel end pates and the curtain webbing assembly system also contribute to the security rating. For additional security, the SeceuroGlide has steel teeth at a high level to further secure down the curtain when closed, making sure there is no leverage for any attempt at forced entry.

Real Security

This roller door offers true security against the most determined, would-be intruder, and also offers high levels of insulation and style. You can now also have a GSM or Wi-Fi enabled connection to this door and operate from your mobile phone. The SeceuroGlide Excel offers security without compromise. A product for the security conscious home-owner, the SeceuroGlide Excel adds the highest available security specification to the benefits of the original SeceuroGlide to create one of the most advanced and secure roller garage doors on the UK market.

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Hormann LPU 42 Secured by Design

Secured by Design - Hormann LPU 42


The Hormann LPU42 range of sectional overhead garage doors, when installed with a Series 3 Bi-Secur Hormann electric operator, is now officially accredited to be 'Secured by Design'.

This means that the accreditation applies to any EPU, LPU and LTH sectional door fitted with a ProMatic or SupraMatic Series 3 BiSecur operator.

The accreditation given to the Hormann sectional door range recognises existing German TUV Nord testing, but specifically required the operator system to be used. And, because Hormann have not had to modify the doors or electric operators in any way, there is absolutely no additional cost – Hormann are currently the only manufacturers of sectional doors in the UK market to be Secured by Design approved!

As well as being a good solution for house builders with Secured by Design requirements specified for a particular development, it is a recognisable and reassuring brand for all consumers, which you can combine with a matching Secured by Design ThermoPro steel entrance door – another first from Hormann!

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