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Cedarwood Doors

Cedarwood Garage Doors

The Beauty of Cedarwood Timber

Cedarwood is an incredibly popular choice of species in the manufacturing of timber garage doors due to its natural properties.

Known for its beautiful textured woodgrain and colourings, cedarwood is a timber that can natrually complement many types of properties.

Cedarwood also has a very distinctive yet pleasent scent that can last for the duration of its lifetime.

Cedarwood is a beautifully grained timber Cedarwood resists decay Weather Resilience

Great Durability

The natural properties and oils of cedarwood help to preserve the timber when used in outdoor applications, such as for garage doors. Its oils are able to resist against insect attack and decay, preserving the timber with its own natural elements, and a significant reason why cedarwood is an excellent choice of timber.

Cedarwood is dimensionally reliable as it is stable and unlikely to lose its shape, a vital componant for a garage door.

When finished and maintained appropriately, cedarwood timber products can remain in-tact, durable and offer weather protection for many years.


Cedarwood garage doors are a great choice for homeowners looking for a classic, timeless look. Offering superior insulation and soundproofing, cedarwood doors provide an aesthetically pleasing addition to any home. They also require little maintenance, making them a low-cost option for long-term use. Cedarwood is naturally resistant to weather elements and can last up to 40 years with proper care. Additionally, the wood’s natural oils give it an appealing aroma that some find comforting.


The variety of styles available in cedarwood garage doors is one of the biggest benefits of this material. Doors come in many different shapes including rectangle, square and arch designs as well as more intricate options such as carriage house or French


Cedarwood Garage Doors from The Garage Door Centre


Cedar Doors

Their name explains it all. 

Cedarwood Up and Over and Sectional Garage Doors

Cedar Doors manufacture timber doors of exceptional beauty, primarily with cedarwood, and have been installed by The Garage Door Centre for over 20 years now.

Their doors are available as up & over, side hinged or even sectional, meaning there is choice for timber doors across most of the most popular garage door types in the UK.

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Aside from Hormann's specialist pine doors, all of their garage doors are manufactured using cedarwood timber due to its beneficial properties.

As a world-leading manufacturer of garage doors, Hormann doors are known to be trusted with their brand quality, and therefore comes with a 10 year manufacturer warranty. 

2-point locking comes as standard however there is also the option to upgrade to 4-point locking for extra security.

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Garador have a number of doors manufactured using cedarwood, each with a beautfiul design that enhances the natural beauty of timber.

Factory colour finishes in various stains are available as an alternative to the standard base stain.

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