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Oak Garage Doors

Oak Garage Doors by The Garage Door Centre

Why Oak?

Oak - Beautifully Grained Timber Oak - Traditional & Period Appearance Oak - Bespoke Doors Available

Oak is traditionally a very difficult timber species to manufacture garage doors with as it is extremely heavy and can be very unstable in the varying air moisture content that we have here in the U.K. However it is also a beautiful grained timber and required by many people to match existing doors, windows and other oak timber around the external house structure.Oak garage doors construction

The weight of oak is the larger of the two problems as single garage doors contain 3 to 4 times the volume of timber that a front entrance door generally has, and to lift it above your head in a one piece up and over panel arises a safety issue as well as a mechanical challenge without enormous springs and oversized lifting arms. Although it is possible, the sizes are generally more restricted than with sectional or round the corner garage door systems...

We can however offer Oak garage doors produced using the superb DF98 or the Hormann ET500 steel chassis system to manufacture a one piece up and over garage door panel in the UK with full CE compliance as well as complete reassurance of continued, reliable use. Using various types of oak in varied designs, a garage door can be produced up to about 5 metres wide maximum and a maximum height of about 2.4 metres.

The designs in the oak door range can recreate very traditional styles and are offered in a clear base coat finish or limited woodstains to enhance the natural beauty of the Oak graining and the warmth of the oak colour.

The oak garage doors that are available are built using simple joinery methods combined with elements from modern up and over garage door construction offering the very latest fully retractable operating gear fully compliant with the latest CE regulations.

European Oak finishing detailOak graining

Oak garage doors are a popular choice on many homes due to the elegant and classic style they offer. Not only will you benefit from great value and durability you can customise your door with many options to choose from, making them an ideal timber garage door for most homeowners. 

One of the primary benefits of oak garage doors is the added protection they provide. These doors are made with thick panels and reinforced frames that protect your home from any potential intruders or weather damage.

In addition to providing superior security, oak garage doors also offer a variety of aesthetic benefits. With the beautiful grain and natural colour variations, oak can be easily customised to match your home’s existing design. 

Oak garage doors require minimal maintenance over their lifetime. Simply clean them down with a damp cloth every few months and they will continue looking great for years to come. With their superb durability and impressive visual appeal, oak garage doors are a great choice.

Oak Timber Garage Doors Sectional Side Hinged Up & Over

Oak manufactured garage doors

Where to Find Oak Garage Doors

If you require Oak in garage doors larger than 8 feet (2438mm) wide, we have the Rundum Meir round the corner and sectional garage doors available. These fantastic doors offer a much wider and higher range of sizes.

The construction is such to offer great stability and with the round the corner doors you can have either 80mm vertical boards or side sectional door panels, giving a greater variation of design options with optional glazing sections.

Sectional garage doors in oak are constructed with several panels divided horizontally and operated vertically so are generally very stable and balanced.

Rundum Meir supply oak round the corner doors, who also have a wide range of designs and size options that can reach up to 9 metres. Bespoke designs are also available with these doors, with drawings produced prior to manufacture to ensure you get the perfect garage door design.

Rundum Meir round the corner garage doors

Rundum Meir have tested and refined these garage door systems to perfection over the years, meaning you can be confident in purchasing a high quality door system that will offer years of trouble free, safe operation whilst looking as good as the day they were installed.

A note on idigbo: Idigbo timber is also now a readily available as an option and does match oak graining very well.

It is a much more light weight and very stable hardwood, meaning it is ideal for garage doors. It offers a similar appearence to oak, yet without the restrictions that an oak door may have. 

We can quote you on almost any style of garage door design in Idigbo in sizes up to 16 feet wide (4877mm).

We also supply many doors in Hemlock which also compliments oak very well, and again is a very stable timber species for use in door construction.

For any query on Oak or Idigbo Garage Doors, call us free on 01933 229135, or click on the button below to send us over a contact form.

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