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Round the Corner

Round the Corner Garage Doors from The Garage Door Centre

Round the Corner garage doors were amongst the earliest varieties of garage doors popularised in the UK market. Often constructed from timber, panels are inserted onto top-hung rollers and guided through floor tracks to follow the desired path. 

Benefits at a glance...

Remote Control Opening  Space Saving   Large Sizes Available   Made to Order

Older models suffered from issues with obstructions to the floor tracks, with leaves, stones and other unwanted debris getting stuck. Technical developments in the garage door industry mean that this is no longer a concern, making Round the Corner doors a truly desirable aspect of any property. 

Round the Corner doors operate seamlessly, with manual or electric operation available. The effective and innovative engineering involved means these doors require little mainteinence. 


Rundum Meir Round the Corner Garage Doors Hormann Round the Corner Garage Doors Vertico Round the Corner Garage

All 3 German manufacturers produce Round the Corner doors as a complete unit, assembled in a controlled environment. All employ a bottom tracking system which is installed onto a finished garage floor surface. This bottom track also acts as a weather bar, to help keep the elements at bay. 

The dimensions feature a degree of tolerance built-in, which allows for uneven floors. The bottom tracks are heavy duty, designed to be both attractive and functional, with regular vehicle use expected. 

Rundum Meir also offer a sunken 'U' channel version of their door, if required, which offers an improved bottom seal at the bottom edge of the door. Since Round the Corner doors are all top-hung, the bottom roller only acts as part of the guiding system for the bottom of the garage door. 

Rundum Meir round the corner garage doorRundum Meir round the corner garage door


Round the Corner doors can be produced in timber or steel, depending on the manufacturer. Either material can be easily maintained and looked after, adding to the low-maintenance qualities of Round the Corner doors. Also, both materials are suitable for automation.

Round the corner garage door

The range of timbers available includes Norwegian Spruce, Superior Spruce, European Oak, Larch, Iroko, Mahogany, and Douglas Fir. Availability differs between manufacturers; our experts will be able to advise further.

General Sizing Information

Round the Corner doors come in a range of possible sizes. Since each door is made to order, the size options can vary between manufacturers, materials and installation requirements. 

The maximum width of some Rundum Meir doors have been installed up to 20 metres wide! One particular door was 20m x 4.7m, but operated as smoothly as single-width door. 

The main consideration when ordering and installing a Round the Corner door is the sideroom required, as the headroom can be as little as 50mm. Ideally, the sideroom requirement is around 200mm for the Rundum Meir. Please enquire with our experts for the most recent, exact dimension requirements. 

False walls can be installed to conceal the door when open, and can also provide a location for shelving and storage if required. This is ideal for garages looking to maximise storage potential.

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Why choose a Round the Corner garage door? Round the Corner Garagedoor

Here's a breakdown of just some of the reasons to choose a Round the Corner door:

Lack of headroom?

Round the Corner doors require a minimal amount of headroom when compared to most other garage door types, sometimes as little as 50mm. This means that Round the Corner doors can be installed in locations when other doors are not viable. 

Regular pedestrian access required?

As a result of the horizontal opening operation, Round the Corner doors are suited to pedestrian use. Electric operators can be programmed to partially open at the push of a button, granting quick pedestrian or cycle access for example. These settings can be customised, meaning you can reveal as much or as little of the garage as you want to. 

Planning Issues?

As a byproduct of their design, the front face features vertical lines, which is often a requirement for listed buildings and conservation areas. The option for timber also helps to meet any building requirements, with a selection of timber materials available between the manufacturers we supply.

Large garage requirements?

Inside view Rundum with curvey tracks to follow designer building

As mentioned, a Round the Corner door is the perfect solution to large openings. The design of the door means there is no extra stress on the mechanisms whether the door is 7 feet wide, or 30 feet wide. In theory, a Round the Corner door can be made to any width specification, and still provide smooth and reliable operation in manual or electric instances. 

Unusual shape garage?

Some Round the Corner systems offer the option to follow the internal shape of the wall, which means curved entrances can be created. Curved and arched openings can be accommodated, as the door does not require any vertical movement. 

Stylish and Practical

Very large Rundum Meir biparting garage door in commercial application

Round the Corner garage doors are simple in principal, excellent in operation and very reliable and yes they are always very cool to operate and watch operating!

Round the Corner doors are simple in principal, offering a range of benefits over other door types. Perfect for garages that require large doors, or where other door types just aren't suitable, Round the Corner doors are a fantastic choice when searching for your new garage door.

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Round the corner garage door with windowsTimber round the corner garage doorModern round the corner garage door in Anthracite

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