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Hormann Side-Hinged Doors

Hormann Side-Hinged Garage Doors

As Europe’s biggest manufacturer, Hormann have applied their high quality services to their side-hinged garage doors with their NT60-2 and NT80-2 ranges. As well as offering high levels of security, safety and insulation, Hormann’s side hinged doors are especially ideal for garages that are multi-purpose or used for things other than the storage of a vehicle – a gym or a workshop, for instance. 

Hormann Side-Hinged Garage Door

The double leaf garage doors allow for easier pedestrian access to and from the garage for such uses, without having to open the entirety of the garage door upon every entrance. Not only do side-hinged doors offer easy pedestrian access, they can also be automated so that entry in a vehicle can be just as simple.

Additionally, Hormann manufacture side-hinged doors that are in the same style as their sectional garage doors, meaning if you have the two types installed in your home, a matching aesthetic can be achieved.  With matching entrance doors also available from Hormann, you have the option to fully co-ordinate the doors on the exterior of your home. 

With the option of various 15 RAL colours, your Hormann side-hinged door can be suited to the appearance of your home, plus – they are all the same price!

Hormann's side-hinged doors are available as part of two ranges: see more below.






Hormann side hinged garage door

NT60-2 features:

The door consists of two leaves that both open outwards with aluminium frames (depth 60mm) and the steel sections (depth 42mm) are double-skinned and filled with PU foam. There are various infill surface finishes available, with the size available up to 2500 x 2558mm (RAM).

There a 2 two-part hinges, the finishes of which are dependent on your chosen door colour. Equipped with a mortice lock as standard, you are also offered an optional triple security lock with security rose escutcheon.


NT80-2 features:

The NT80-2 is an insulated door that consists of two, inward-opening leafs. The leaf and door frames are equipped with aluminium profiles with thermal break, adapted from the entrance doors of the TC80-2 range. With a depth of 42mm, the steel sections are PU-foamed and double-skinned and the doors can be sized up to 2600 x 2500mm (RAM).


The security of this door is enhanced by the 5-point locking system, with a rebate locking bolt in fixed leaf and security bolts within the frame. Unlike the NT60-2, the escutcheon, swing bolt and lock cover come as standard with the NT80-2.

Per door there are two 2-part, 3-way adjustable aluminium hinges.

Hormann insulated side hinged garage door installation by The Garage Door CentreHormann Insulated Side Hinged Garage Door in Anthracite

Designs Available

Like Hormann's range of sectional garage doors, their side-hinged doors are available in three different ribbed designs. 

Hormann side-hinged garage door infill design s ribbed


Hormann M-Ribbed Side Hinged garage door


Hormann L-Ribbed side hinged garage door



Finishes:Hormann side hinged finishes

Descending from top (see image, right):

-Sandgrain: Suitable for the modern home.

-Silkgrain – A sleek and elegant finish, perfect for modern homes. Plus – 50% thicker exterior sheet on the sections, meaning greater strength and smoother running.

-Woodgrain – For when a traditional, timber look is desired.

The finishes that are available for your Hormann double-hinged door take price-range, taste and style into consideration, meaning your circumstances are catered for.




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