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Timber garage doors with matching pedestrian door  

Why Choose a Timber Garage Door?

Timber is one of those materials when it comes to doors or windows and other joinery around your home, you either love it or avoid it.

For some there is no substitute for the real thing and all the benefits good quality timber has to offer. Timber garage doors are no exception and of course are classed as ‘external joinery’ so the build and quality of the wood is critical and not to be undervalued.

These doors will possibly last longer than many other materials where a cheap, low quality knotty softwood door will fail very quickly indeed and you would have been better buying a steel door. Modern and properly sourced timber treatments can offer very long periods of protection on externally fitted timber, with nothing more required than an occasional wipe down of the door panel. Unlike steel, GRP or Upvc, it can be repaired if damaged, and this is worth remembering when so many people dismiss timber purely because of the perceived maintenance required.

They offer a warmth and visual appearance which no other material can really achieve. Sure, there are some very good laminates providing woodgrain effects on steel or aluminium doors but for those who know, they just know it isn’t the real thing.

Properly specified and constructed a high quality timber garage door can be a great door with no issues on finish or warping and cracking. The secret is the right species with the right initial protection treatments applied, usually a water soluble and breathable microporous system which doesn’t prevent the timber from literally breathing during the many changes we experience in atmospheric moisture content and temperature changes during an average year. This is a big issue in the UK with our super variable weather systems. But the right timber and build can deal with all this.


Why Buy From Us?

Garage Door Centre has supplied thousands of timber garage doors over 37 years and many of them have been bespoke in design and sizing too. 

We supply many housebuilders and offer a full survey and installation service for replacement garage doors.

We offer several major brands, who generally build their doors using a steel chassis method, so the door panels are more of a decorative panel within a steel chassis, available in mainly standard sizes but some designs in made to measure. The alternative is the more traditional joinery made door panels, using traditional mortice and tenon jointing methods and giving the options for made to measure sizes and also bespoke designs using various timber species.

We advise looking at hardwood species because Oak, Accoya, Idigbo and Iroko are actually very good value right now and far better than other timbers for longevity and durability, as well as looking great too. We offer one of the widest ranges of bespoke hardwood timber garage doors in the UK.



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Types of Timber Garage Doors

The immense flexibility and strength of timber provides the versatility to enable any type of garage door type to be built, up and over one piece doors, side hinged traditional doors, round the corner sliding doors and sectional overhead garage doors.


Up and Over Timber Garage Doors

As already mentioned, the one piece up and over garage doors we can offer are built in one of 2 ways, traditional joinery methods, completely built from timber, or, the steel chassis method using a preconstructed box section chassis system, where the timber panel is really effectively cladding to create the designs required and not rely on the timber for the strength of the panel itself.

  • Factory fitted steel fixing sub frame or timber sub frame options for installation. Matching timber sub frame to main door panel when required using overcladding techniques.
  • Traditional joinery made, mortice and tenon built panels or timber affixed to steel box section chassis for increased stability and greater flexibility in species used.
  • Wide range of wooden species to ensure perfect match with existing features., European Oak, Idigbo, Accoya, Iroko, Cedar, Larch and Hemlock, but other types are available on request. Timber is responsibly sourced and air dried and not used before it is ready.
  • Sizes available up to 5000mm wide in almost limitless designs.
  • Various species that are available from sustainable resources only.
  • Optional 4 point locking systems for optimum security on manual operation or mechanical latching systems used with electric operation for extra security.
  • Standard or purpose made sizes are available with optional factory applied microporous treatments in a choice of colours and translucent stain finishes with long guarantee.

    We can supply all the necessary operating gear to enable you or your joiner to make a bespoke timber garage door up to 5000mm wide with a super strong box section steel fixing sub frame. Design your own door.


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Side Hinged Garage Doors

The most traditional type of garage door and one which is seeing a resurgence in popularity in the UK now for many reasons. Many people now do not use their garages for a car, so it is another room to the main house and hinged doors are the perfect door type to suit this use. Side hinged garage doors are very versatile in their designs, they can easily adapt windows for light and vision and are about the quietest and easiest door type to operate for literally anyone.

For modern or period properties there is a style of side hinged doors which suits. We can do so many standard designs and then also offer bespoke styles and even arched head doors. Sizes are not generally limited and the usual build is traditional joinery build, with a mortice and tenon jointing process.

  • Suitable for garage openings with little or no headroom or side room for other garage door mechanisms. Ideal for garages accessed frequently on foot as you only need open one leaf for entry and exit.
  • Ideal for garages with other internal obstructions preventing other garage door types being used, such as shelving, gas/electric meters, side doors, structural beams, etc.
  • Traditional or modern ironmongery options to compliment various door styles. Steel box section fixing frames available on chassis built models for easier installation.
  • Standard or bespoke designs in sizes up to 12ft wide and 10ft high or larger on request. Factory finish options from wide range of high quality microporous woodstains.
  • European Oak, Iroko, Idigbo, Accoya, Larch and Cedar are the most popular timber species used but others are possible on request.
  • Wide choice of glazing options to suit your requirements using either polycarbonate or toughened glass with either decorative leading or timber window bars.
  • Can be manufactured to suit unusual shaped garage openings i.e. arched openings.
  • Contrary to many beliefs, side hinged garage doors can be easily made into remote control electric operation using one of 2 very reliable automation systems, tailored to suit the size and weight of the door. See our feature on ‘automating side hinged doors’.
  • Many of the side hinged timber designs can be made in either a 50/50 split or a 70/30 split to give even greater use for pedestrian access. Various locks and hardware systems can be specified and we can incorporate your own furniture and locking if required.


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Round the Corner Timber Garage Doors

A sliding round the corner timber garage door is a wonderful garage door type. Just watching the movement sideways can be mesmerising as most people are not used to it. On a practical note, a round the corner door is perfect for those who like to keep a tidy garage. One or both sides are required, depending on the size or preference, for the door to slide against when opening. Minimal headroom is required but of course the internal space is essential and this helps to keep the walls and floors tidy as a matter of course.

A round the corner door will offer pretty much and size but maybe slightly more limited designs, although most people requiring this door type will have vertical lines and it is usually to comply with a period property design requirement.

The basic mechanism of an RTC door means it glides effortlessly with the weight being taken on top rollers and the bottom is merely a guide. The width option is almost limitless and it is a perfect door for very large garages. As a ‘sectional’ round the corner door using larger panel sections instead of timber slats the design options extend to panelled designs and other options including windows too if required.

  • Standard slatted Rundum original system or side sectional doors with raised and fielded panelled system or traditional boarding joinery with multiple design options.
  • Unique, smooth sliding mechanism enabling total use of height and width to maximise drive through dimensions.
  • Sunken channel or raised tracking system for the bottom of the door, also doubles as a weather bar.
  • Single section or bi-parting versions on larger widths or where internal space is limited. The Rundum Original system can also follow curved building lines and be curved internally to miss internal obstructions such as brick piers.
  • Available in virtually any width and height with standard or special designs in many different timber types including Oak, Larch, Hemlock, Sapele, Iroko and Pine.
  • False wall and shelving systems available to enable use of wall in front of the garage door sliding area.
  • Manual or remote control options. Partial door opening option for pedestrian access via remote control handset or app control.


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Timber Sectional Garage Doors

A sectional overhead type garage door is a great mechanism in terms of overall performance, offering great weather sealing and the ability to park right up to the door and operate because of the vertical lifting mechanism, with no swing out at all.

Timber sectional doors are usually purchased when the door is quite large as this mechanism will easily cope with the challenges of larger width doors. On a standard height door the door will be split into 4 panels and these panels are lifted vertically inside tracks to then slide over and into the garage at high level (compared to an up and over door) to leave a virtually clear opening size.

The mechanism is a tried and tested system used across the entire world and here in the UK we are somewhat behind in the use of sectional doors generally. We are catching up faster now as people see the benefits of the mechanism and the safety, longevity and overall integrity offered by this door type. The mechanism is easily automated and most sectional doors are electric as standard we find as they are usually specified by people wanting higher performance for their garage generally in terms of protection, security and overall strength and convenience.

  • The vertical opening of a sectional door maximises all available space inside the garage and avoids a swing out operation to maximise the area on your driveway. They are ideal where space may be limited in front of the garage.
  • Traditional standard timber designs or routed bespoke designs produced to your own style. A range of sectional timber doors are also available using traditional joinery methods with tongued and grooved boarding.
  • Standard or bespoke designs in choice of either softwoods and hardwoods. Sizes up to 5000mm wide and 3000mm high.
  • Uses all available height to accommodate high roofed vehicles and maximise drive through height when open. Options to have the internal tracking follow the roof line and angles.
  • Excellent weather sealing properties on all sides, top and of door with high quality rubber seals. Good insulation as timber has natural insulation properties.
  • Timber species available in a sectional door include Hemlock, Nordic Pine, European Oak, Iroko, Mahogany and Cedarwood.
  • Some models available in fully finished factory options from high quality microporous systems applied at the factory when building.
  • One of the most secure types of garage door available on the market in manual or remote control electric operation.


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Confused? Don't worry, with 36 years experience we can guide you through and help you select a high quality, durable and secure timber garage doorCall and speak to one of our expert team members today on
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Timber species and their differences and benefits

There are so many different types of timber in the world but there are more limited options when the use is for external joinery products. The UK has a particularly harsh climate compared to many other countries, because of the massive fluctuations in temperatures and air moisture content throughout the year causing any external timber to expand and contract constantly. It is important to use the right type and the right treatment all in harmony with correct construction processes to allow tolerances and movement to occur naturally without spoiling the door integrity.

Up until recently the most common species used for garage doors was Western Red Cedar but because of many worldwide issues the price of cedar is now comparable to far better and previously more expensive hardwood timbers such as Idigbo and European Oak. We have seen a marked increase in our sales for garage doors in Oak, Idigbo, Iroko and Accoya, one reason being the price is now similar to cedar but also because people understand timber a little better as well. Why wouldn’t you have an Oak garage door and all the beauty and kudos of this timber when it isn’t much different in price to a basic cedarwood door?

Here are some basic facts on popular species we offer:

  • Oak -  The ultimate timber species for a traditional visual appearance, Nothing can truly replicate the natural beauty of oak and we use only prime grade air dried European Oak with a very straight grain and minimal knots. The colour is very consistent and of course as it is very durable to daily knocks and dings.
  • Idigbo - A more cost effective timber than Iroko and the colour is again, very consistent. It can look very much like Oak, especially when stained. It is a lighter weight option making it more suitable for up and over garage doors as well as entrance gates.
  • Accoya - A 50 year guarantee when used above the ground!! Extremely durable and absolute minimal movement from shrinkage and swelling due to the acetylation process it is put through which realigns the cells in making them face all the same way, thus preventing movement.
    A very good external timber for painting but can also be stained if required. Used for up and over and side hinged garage doors.
  • Iroko - With the natural tannins, it is super stable and has minimal issues with any warping or twisting in atmospheric changes. This timber will give many many years of life, even when left untreated. It is a timber used extensively in boat building because of its natural tannins and resistance to water. Left untreated it will weather to a silvery grey, so is better than any other timber if this is an effect you wish to create.
  • Cedar - This has been used for many years in building garage doors because of its light weight and also its light colouring generally, making it possible to stain in a wide range of shades and colours. It is more synonymous with cladding and is perfect for using on any of our steel chassis systems for up and over doors as it will stay below the maximum weight per square metre possible on these systems with the spring lifting mechanisms. With recent price increases on this species being so high we have found the other species are often better to review and consider.

Manual or Electric

It is usually obvious from the outset whether to have your garage door electric operated or leave it as a manual operation. In many ways there are 2 simple rules perhaps? If you are going to use your garage to put a vehicle inside each day then have an electric door, it is so much easier and makes you always put your vehicle away as the operation is remote and straight forward.

If you have a large garage door then regardless of the ease and smoothness of the mechanism there is still simply more inertia required to move the door in either direction, so have it electrically operated.

If you are entering your garage always on foot then unless the door is large, why bother with electric operation? The only possible reason is if you want the extra security options possible on many electric doors we offer and therefore this means you havent got to fumble with keys and locks and other devices, you can either just press a button on a hand held remote or use a digital keypad or a simple key switch to provide the impulse to start the electric operation.

Making most garage doors electrically operated these days is simple and not expensive at all. Benefits might also include the exclusion of any handles externally which is appealing for security reasons and a clean visual appearance too. Some of the best electric motors can incorporate security with the mechanism to provide excellent locking internally. The best systems are all extremely reliable and quiet and there are other benefits if you maybe integrate the electric drive into a Smart home system. You could then for example open your garage door partially or fully to allow parcel deliveries to arrive, or open the door for other third party services in your home. All control can be via a simple app on your smartphone, tablet or PC from wherever you are in the world.

Call us on 01933 229135 to talk to us about any aspect of electric operation on any type of garage door and the benefits and costs involved.


Styles and Designs

Timber is perhaps the most versatile of materials available for a garage door. It can be cut, turned, planes into different thicknesses, screwed, nailed or glued together with varying size sections for designs and profiles and generally shaped to suit whatever style is required.

Obviously the majority of garage doors in timber are generally in a few traditional designs with small variations in design, such as the width of boards used, giving either a modern or period look to the door. The small details can make all the difference.

We can offer timber garage doors in all the door types in standard end bespoke designs to suit the property style or size and proportions of the door. Small details such as the width of the timber boards used or the size of the outer sub frame and the material for the sub frame all make a massive difference to the final appearance and effect.

These kinds of variations are general not available in any other material used for garage doors, the profile sizes are set at one size.

Whether you require a panelled ‘Georgian’ Style timber door or a simpler vertical boarded design, or maybe a door with windows and those windows are to work with other windows on the property, we can usually help with your requirements.

Recent Installations for Inspiration

We supply and install timber doors every day. See below some installations or click here to view our gallery.

Features - Which is best?

What features can you expect on any timber garage door?

Depending on the type of mechanism you opt for the features will vary but generally any timber garage door will have to be using very best and most durable mechanism, whatever the type, in order to cope with the weight of the timber. You can expect any of our timber garage doors to be durable and have a great overall strength and general security, especially the joinery made doors, using thicker timber in the construction overall.

Up and Over Timber Garage Door

* One of the fastest opening and closing door types with minimal noise during operation and minimal maintenance on the mechanism itself used.

* Electric operated doors can have enhanced security devices integrated and smart controls for the operation control.

* An optional feature for a larger up and over timber door of this type is an integrated pedestrian door for easy access on foot into and out of the garage.

Side Hinged Timber Garage Doors

* One of the easiest types of garage doors to operate as a manual door Effortless operation of either of the door leaves with no noise at all during operation if this is a consideration.

* No internal tracking or intrusion from any part of the door, maybe with the exception of door stays if used.

* Almost no maintenance at all, maybe just occasionally clean and oil the hinges and locking mechanism but minimal moving parts and no springs or tracks to concern about.

Round the Corner Timber Garage Doors

* No swing out during operation so you can park right up to the door inside and out.

* Minimal headroom required on any size of door.

* Effortless sliding due to top rolling mechanism so least friction on wheels. Usually very quiet operation.

* Very secure by their very design and nature of the mechanism fitting behind the structural opening with no visible means of attack and forcing points.

Timber Sectional Garage Doors

* No swing out during operation inside or out, perfect for when parking space is tight or area outside or inside is also minimal.

* Maximises opening clearances when fitted as intended behind the structural opening of the garage and headroom is available.

* Very stable and secure mechanism, again because the mechanism and any force points are all behind the structural opening so there is no obvious point of attack.

* Great weather sealing ability as the door presses down onto the floor when closing and has seals on all 3 sides as well as a floor seal (assumes a level floor for maximum effect).

Whatever you requirements, if you have any concerns over the best mechanism and you know the size require then give us a call and we are glad to assist you in the right choice. We have thousands of doors experience over 37 years

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Our Bespoke Door Range

We are proud of our bespoke timber garage doors and can offer a bespoke service with design and drawings to confirm. We also offer matching entrance gates and have done for 37 years alongside our sister company AGD Systems. We work together as part of the Dove Group to produce matching timber gate and garage doors when required.

Our bespoke timber garage doors are available in all the timber species as stated above and are manufacturer to the very highest standards and specifications.

Our basic specification for side hinged or up and over doors at small to medium sizes is:

  • 55mm thick timber chassis frame
  • 20mm thick timber boards
  • 220mm bottom rail for additional strength
  • Mortice and tenoned bracing in the rails around the perimeter
  • All boards cut to size and bespoke, unless otherwise requested, to ensure all boards across the door panel are the same and any skinny board is only ever on the outer edge
  • All tongue and grooved boards are tongued into the top and side rials to ensure they are flush with the front face of the doors.

With larger doors the timber sizes may increase and with heavier timber species too.


Timber Doors

Made to Measure Timber Doors

See some great example of our bespoke doors below:

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