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SWS Seceuroglide

SWS Sectional Garage Doors

An Investment in Quality and Security

Combining great design and exceptional build quality, the SeceuroGlide range of garage doors are designed and manufactured in the UK and offer attractive and effortless protection for your home.

We understand that buying a new garage door is an important investment for your home, and one we know that this a process of significance for you. The SeceuroGlide range of garage doors aims to ensure you are able to make the most of your investment by offering a garage door that will fit all of your requirements without compromise.

Each door is available in a selection of colours of your choice and offers security against intrusion from unwanted visitors. Because of this, you will have constant peace of mind that your home and property is secure and safe all year round, and for many years to come.  Minimalist design combined with advanced engineering ensures you never have to compromise.

SWS Sectional Garage Doors
SeceuroGlide Sectional Garage Doors

SeceuroGlide sectionals combine reliable performance with purpose-built designs that are ideal for everyday modern life. These doors are automated as default, so they can be easily operated with just the touch of a button. The Black Edition operator even features a unique locking system for added security.


Not only are they easy to use, durable and stylish, but they are also most importantly, safe. Finger-safe technology ensures that fingers cannot become caught or be trapped between the panels, and therefor cannot be operated care-free around young children or pets.

Not only this, but every electrically operated SeceuroGlide Sectional Garage door has what is known as "obstable detection" technology built into the motor. This means that when anything is detected in its path, the door will immediately stop, allowing for a greater degree of peace of mind. 



With a SeceuroGlide, the Choice is Always Yours

SWS Sectional Garage Doors

You are in complete control of the final look of your door. From colour to design, there are countless options, so whether you want to conform to modern trends or stand out, various looks can be achieved. 

Maybe you are aiming to mix perfectly with the neighbouring properties, in which case our range of colours and the ability to spray in any RAL colour will certainly help. If you wish to have natural light inside your garage, we offer a selection of glazing and windows in various configurations. 

Low maintence finishes are available for your convenience, such as the Anthracite Dura, their more durable finish which helps to minimise dirt and marks. These finishes are all designed to free up your time and make your garage door hassle free and easy.

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The process for making a truly unique and purpose built door is simple:

- Measure your garage opening and ensure you get your fully bespoke sizing

- Choose from four different types of panel

- Choose from hundreds of colours

- Choose a finish, with smooth or embossed styles

- Choose your accessories such as windows, frames, etc

- Choose your operator


Insulated Panels Help Save Money

SWS Sectional Garage Door installed by The Garage Door CentreThe RAC conducted a study and found that just 24% of all garage owners use their garage to store a car. Instead they are being used as a large storage area, or being converted into additional rooms such as gyms, offices, or workshops. If like 76% of others, you use your garage for one of these reasons, SWS' 40mm insulated SeceuroGlide panels are a must. 

Consisting of a CFC-free core encased in two steel sheets, the panels are finished with a polymer coating which is incredibly hard-wearing and encased in weather-seals which reach 30mm in the opening on all sides of the door, providing vital protection against the elements.

SWS SeceuroGlide Sectional Insulated Panels

The steel itself is hot dip galvanised, and then a primer and polyester finish coat is applied. The standard finishes are excellent in withstanding weathering and corrosion, making them ideal for coastal properties. The surfaces are easy to clean, and this reduces maintenance. 

The insulation has another great effect too, conserving  energy and saving you costs on your bills, making it not just a stylish, practical and safe choice, but a financially sound one too.

Our Installations

We supply and install SWS sectional garage doors around the country, take a look at one of our installations above left, fitted to suit the customer's front door earlier this year.

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