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Hormann Front Entrance Doors

Hormann Front Entrance Doors from The Garage Door Centre

Hormann offer a number of ranges consisting of high quality front entrance doors: the ThermoComp, Thermo 46, Thermo 65, Top Comfort, Thermosafe and ThermoCarbon; the variety allows for every one of your requirements to be met.

The Thermo ranges consists of specific high quality, steel entrance doors that are specially designed and built for the UK market in standard and made to order sizes. Hormann front entrance door installed by The Garage Door Centre

As many of the Hormann entrance doors have been specifically designed around their latest range of sectional garage doors, a co-ordinated appearance in finish and design can be achieved, an aesthetic that is especially ideal when your garage doors is on the same elevation as your front door.

Hormann’s doors can be accessorised with lights, transoms, stainless steel elements, windows and handsets, allowing you to appreciate the benefits and stunning aesthetics that can be achieved with these ranges of high-class front entrance doors.

The wide range of finishes available allows your front entrance door to harmonise with the appearence of your entire property, whether it is traditional, modern or completely unique. 

Plus - in addition to garage and front entrance doors, Hormann now manufacture internal timber doors of high quality to compliment the internal decor and furnishings of your home. 

The German business have over 75 years of experience, assuring owners of Hormann entrance and garage doors that their home is equipped with quality, safe entrances. 


Thermo 46 / Thermo 65

The Thermo 46 and 65 ranges by Hormann comprise of secure and insulated front entrance doors by Hormann, embodying certified brand quality. 

The Thermo 46 range offers you stylish and modern front entrance doors, and at 46mm thick, it possesses a U-Value of up to 1.1 W/(m2K), providing excellent levels of insulation for your home. With 13 models to choose from and customisation available with colours, elements and transom lights, your property’s aesthetics will be greatly enhanced. Each door from the Thermo 46 range boasts an exlusive appearence with no visible leaf frame and manufactured to be an enchanting feature for your home. 

Hormann Front Entrance Door - Thermo 46 Style 750

Thermo 46 - Style 750

Standard door in Traffic White.

Hormann Front Entrance Door - Thermo 46 Style 515

Thermo 46 - Style 515

Decograin Titan Metallic.

Hormann Front Entrance Door - Thermo 46 Style 900

Thermo 46 - Style 900

Decograin Golden Oak.

The Thermo 65 boasts a U-Value of up to approximately 0.87 W/(m2 K) for advanced thermal insulation. 65mm thick, the door contributes to not only the reduction of your heating bills, but in turn aids in saving the environment. The thick door leaf is infilled with PU rigid foam, whilst the external leaf profile is constructed of composite material. Also available in 13 styles, the doors are able to be customised in terms of colours and decors. 

Hormann Front Entrance Door - Thermo 65 Style 600

Thermo 65 - Style 600

Decograin Winchester Oak.

Hormann Front Entrance Door - Thermo 65 Style 600

Thermo 65 - Style 515

Traffic White.

Hormann Front Entrance Door - Thermo 65 Style 015

Thermo 65 - Style 015

Decograin Titan Metallic.

Download Thermo 65/ Thermo 46 PDF brochure > 


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Hormann’s TopComfort range consists of glass front entrance doors, creating a tasteful and stylish entrance to your home. Made of aluminium, the doors are 80mm thick, ensuring great levels of insulation with a U-Value of up to 1.3 W/(m2K). With nine designs and various colours available, the doors provide a fantastic addition to your home’s aesthetic, not to mention the amount of sunlight that they allow to enter your home. The door also assures security with a 5-point security lock as standard. 

Hormann Front Entrance Doors - TopComfort Style 100 / MG 116

TopComfort - Style 100 / MG 116

Hormann Front Entrance Door - TopComfort Style 100

TopComfort - Style 100

Hormann Front Entrance Doors - TopComfort Style 100 / MG 113

TopComfort - Style 100 / MG 113

Hormann Aluminium Entrance Doors >



The ThermoSafe range of front entrance doors provide you with a selection of trendy, secure and insulated doors. The U-Value of up to 0.87 W/(m2K) is achieved as a result of the 73mm thick aluminium door leaf that is infilled with PU rigid foam. To optimise security levels, the doors are equipped with a 5-point security locking system as well as RC 3 security equipment as standard. In regards to the appearance of your ThermoSafe door, personalisation is available among the vast variety of designs and colours. 

Hormann ThermoSafe front entrance door - Style 136

ThermoSafe - Style 136

Hormann ThermoSafe entrance door - Style 173

ThermoSafe - Style 173

Hormann ThermoSafe entrance door - Style 413

ThermoSafe - Style 413

Optional Frame Variants

There is no visible door profile so the entrance door looks generously proportioned from the outside, whilst on the inside the door will blend with the interior of your home.

Fascia Frame Rondo 70

Fascia Frame Rondo 70 A rounded frame creates a smooth appearence

Fascia Frame Caro 70

Fascia Frame Caro 70 The angular edges create a traditional yet sleek aesthetic 

Broader Door Frames

Broader Door Frames Thicker frames make for a bold statement

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The Hormann ThermoCarbon front entrance door range provides aluminium doors with exceptional standards of security and insulation, ensuring every customer can protect the entrance to their home in style.

The outstanding levels of security are achieved by the various features that the doors are equipped with:

- RC 3 Certified safety as standard, RC 4 Certified safety as an additional option 

- All doors are equipped with multi-point locking

- The tamper-proof cylinder is certified in accordance with DIN 18252 and features premium fittings: an anti-picking system, drill protection, and an emergency hazard function which allows the door's lock to be operated when a key is inserted on the inside. 

- The doors have concealed hinges between the door frame and leaf, i.e. they are not visible internally or externally. 

- Equipped with an elegant stainless steel interior lever handle. 

Hormann Front Entrance Door - ThermoCarbon Style 301

ThermoCarbon - Style 301

Hormann Front Entrance Door - ThermoCarbon Style 314

ThermoCarbon - Style 314

Hormann Front Entrance Door - ThermoCarbon Style 680

ThermoCarbon - Style 680

Exterior Handle Options*
*Options may vary for individual door styles

Continuous aluminium handle bar

Continuous aluminium handle bar The continuous look of the handle bar is its distinguishing feature. It comes as standard in White aluminium, RAL 9006, with a recessed grip in the door colour.

Aluminium handle bar with recessed grip

Aluminium handle bar with recessed grip This handle version comes as standard as anodised aluminium, E6 / EV 1, with a recessed grip in the door colour.

Stainless steel handle with recessed grip

Stainless steel handle with recessed grip With a stainless steel handle, you can choose the colour of the recessed grip to suit your entrance door.


Hormann Front Entrance Door

Hormann are able to provide you with reliable and quality security for your front entrance door. The ThermoComp doors have multi-locking systems installed as standard, as well as having extra measures like their triple dogbolt system, which is exclusive to Hormann. Additionally, once the door is closed, it must be unlocked using a key.

Some doors are able to be equipped with an automatic lock, which can be operated with either a scan of your fingerprint or a personalised security code.

The option of installing a BiSecur system allows you to open the front door with a hand transmitter or switch, a mechanism which allows for excessive ease when entering your home.

The ThermoSafe and ThermoCarbon range are now available to control via the BiSecur mobile phone application. These optional methods of access are also available to be installed with your Hormann garage door. 

Varying levels of RC levels are optionally available for the other ranges of Hormann’s front entrance doors. The RC doors include additional features to aid the prevention of break-ins which cannot be seen externally by intruders.

The RC versions are available in the following door ranges:

- RC 2: Thermocarbon, ThermoSafe, ThermoPlus and TopComfort

- RC 3: ThermoSafe and ThermoCarbon

- RC 4: ThermoCarbon – for a door of up to 2350mm in height 


U-Values (all up to, approximately).

ThermoCarbon – 100mm aluminium door leaf. U-Value: 0.47 W/(m2K)

ThermoSafe – 73mm thick aluminium door leaf. U-Value: 0.87 W/(m2K)

Thermo65 - 65mm thick steel door leaf. U-Value: 0.87 W/(m2K)

TopComfort – 80mm thick aluminium door. U-Value: 1.3 W/(m2K)


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Hormann ThermoCarbon front entrance door Hormann ThermoSafe front door
Hormann Thermo 46 front entrance door Hormann Thermo 65 front entrance door

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