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Create your own timber garage door

Hormann open for infill garage door system

With the Hormann 2011 Open For Infill garage door chassis and steel frame, it couldn’t be more simple. Starting with this pre-drilled frame, you can complete the boarding to your own design, allowing for a custom garage door that is different to all others. Illustrated fitting instructions are available to aid with the installation process, complete with suggested design styles to get you started.

This garage door allows you to create your own door, designed to be filled with a range of types of timber (The only restrictions being in weight and thickness, please check for the latest specifications). The timber can be installed to overlap the frame, concealing the frame and bottom section, or installed to leave some of the frame visible, giving protection against water spray. As well as the timber and boarding options, the door frame comes with high-grade polyester primer coating available in Terra Brown (RAL 8028) or Traffic White (RAL 9016).  As a result, this door gives you the capacity to create the perfect door for your garage.

The Hormann 2011 Open For Infill is suited to a wide range of demands, with both standard and purpose made sizes. This door is available up to 5 metres wide, and 2.75 metres in height, covering both single and double door size. For single door installations, the infill weight is between 6-10kg/sqm, with the double door having a maximum infill weight of 7kg/sqm.

The frame features welded and reinforced struts, acting as the basis for a sturdy and reliable garage door. The door is available in either canopy or retractable operating mechanism up to 2.483 metres (8 feet), (only retractable over 2.483 metres).

A range of safety and security features offer yet more reasons to choose the Hormann 2011 Open For Infill. Flexible plastic rails and protective caps over lever arms offer effective protection against trapping. The multiple spring system supports the door even in the event of a spring breaking, and the spring windings are finger safe due to the close spring winding. The door is also break-in resistant, with a unique rotary catch lock and door leaf corners firmly affixed to the frame. For further peace-of-mind, the door can be fitted with an additional top-lock, using a simple retrofit kit.

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