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30th January 2017
Beautiful Black Doors

Black as a door colour has come back into vogue and the manufacturers have made sure it is available now as standard.

When a customer used to ask for black as a finished colour on a door the conversation always went into 'How much sun do you think this door will get on it?' 'Does the garage face a southerly direction?'


Because we all used to be as nervous as hell about the garage door literally exploding with the heat expansion and this was always exaggerated with a double skinned insulated door panel construction as the door would heat faster outside than inside with direct sunlight and this would cause the door to warp.
Of course the physics of this have not changed and you can still get problems with black or very dark garage doors facing direct sunlight for long periods of time. The deflection caused in a sectional door can be quite dramatic but it will return to normal when it cools down again and is just worse on some garages than others depending on temperature differences between inside and outside.

The point is however black is a fantastic colour for so many door styles and designs and just looks so classic against stone and red brick buildings. The dark grey colours we are seeing more of also look good but there is just something superb about a pure black finished door.

Take a look:

double seceuroglide in black double width black sectional door
m ribbed black sectional door pair of Hormann LPU 40 S panel doors in black
pair of black panelled sectional doors

However, dark grey and athracite doors can also look spectacular with some stainless steel designer porthole windows

triple garage with designer anthracite colour sectional doors

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