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Domina Overlap - The Unique Trackless Sectional

Introducing the Domina Overlap - the worlds first and most unique trackless sectional garage door.

The Domina Overlap built by Silvelox in Italy is a totally unique garage door design in the way it operates with vertical lifting, no external protrusion, no internal tracking and the neatest finish once fully open providing full drivethrough width and height. This means no unsightly internal ceiling tracks are required allowing you to make the most of your garage space internally.
Stunning door designs are available and all made to measure up to 5000mm wide and 2800mm high at no extra cost.
High levels of thermal and acoustic insulation are offered by the Domina as well as security - perfect for the integral garage leading directly into your home or where insulation is important.

          The trackless sectional timber garage door from Domina

The Domina garage door is manufactured with high quality factory finished timber or steel insulated panels in a choice of designs and various timber species. The garage door panels are extremely stable due to the unique construction and offer excellent security, style and reliable operation in a unique package.
The door is supplied and installed with a complete factory finish as standard so no further treatment is required just keep the surface clean like any other external timber products. The steel door designs come in a wide range of RAL paint finish colours.

See the short video below on the Domina Garage Door


The exterior face of the Domina garage door sits totally flush to the sub fixing frame allowing for seamless integration with the facade of your property if required. These doors can be integrated into a building structure seamlessly.
The interior of this garage door is where the real innovation of the Domina lies.
        domina internal operation
Designed to be space saving and easy to operate with automated opening as standard, the Domina Overlap garage door is the perfect solution for garages that are not very deep or very close to the street pavement. If you do not like, or cannot have the internal tracking of a normal sectional door then this door may well be the perfect solution for you.

Domina overlap garage door a unique and special door
Domina Trackless Sectional Door

The inside of a Domina garage door is totally flush finished with no internal tracking mechanism intrusion at all. Many garages are spoilt by long internal tracking mechanisms, especially garages with higher ceilings and finished ceilings.

The 2 door panel sections are perfectly joined in the middle to offer a door with outstanding weathersealing and insulation properties and an incredible 10-year warranty, Domina is as reliable as it is innovative.

This beautifully engineered and totally unique garage door has to be seen to be fully appreciated as you can see in the video above.

The insulated panels can provide insulation values down to U=1.14W/m2K

For 2013 a newer construction of the Domina offers even higher levels of insulation with thicker door panel sections now the standard construction.

The Domina door is available as either a fully automated electric system or a manual operation with both systems balanced using counterbalancing weights rather than any springing mechanism meaning far less components subject to longer term wear and tear. 

 Door panel designs are numerous. Download the PDF colour brochure >

insulated steel door design with clean lines dominae timber design door with classic panelled design
Clean and stylish lines of a steel garage door design with a choice of finished colours from a wide standard range. A classic panel design in a timber door - factory finished inside and out. No further decoration needed.

The Range of Standard Domina Models

ARA Domina in blue finish
Box design in cream colour
EMI model of Domina garage door
GEO Domina up and over door
SIX model Domina
Domina Slot design
Domina timber door TAU Design
Tex Domina timber garage door
Model Two in the Domina range
Traditional VIP domina design
 Model Duo garage door

 The Opening Process of a Domina

Closed Domina door Domina starting to open Open a bit more Nearly half open Domina doors
First panel open Second panel starts to rise nearly fully open Domina Fully open Domina both panels parked  

 Keep the internals of your garage neat and tidy at all times!!

Inside a garage with a domina sectional door Domina for a tidy ceiling and garage



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