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Q:Can I have an oak timber garage door?

Yes you can have oak but there are a lot of limitations depending on the oak used and the thickness of the timber

Q:Can I get a special RAL or British Standard colour finish?

Yes you can but this is not possible with all garage doors available in the UK

Q:What is a standard size for a roller garage door?

There really isn’t a standard size for most roller doors as they are made to order by most manufacturers but there are some very commonly used sizes of course

Q:What is the requirement for safety on an electric roller door?

This is quite simple really as the standard was set many years ago even though many companies still ignore it

Q:How much headroom do I need for a sectional garage door?

This depends on the operating mechanism being used and the size of the door.

Q:What are the best garage doors for security?

There are quite a few now available, all mostly tried and tested by independent testing specialists to certificate and endorse.

Q:Can I open and close an electric garage door with my Iphone?

Yes, this is possible using existing technology either as a new roller door installation or piggy backing onto existing controls.

Q:What is a de latch security device on an electric up and over garage door?

It is a device that adds extra security once a remote control electric operator has been fitted.

Q:Will a garage door in a colour finish match my windows or front door?

The chances are a coloured may not appear to match exactly for many reasons so beware if you think you can get a perfect match with any colour

Q:What is a Hormann ThermoPro Entrance door?

It is a very high quality insulated front entrance door manufactured from steel

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