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Q:What are Infra Red Beams used for?

The infra red photocell safety you may see banded around on various door types can be misleading

Q:What maintenance is required on a timber garage door?

With external timber products the secret is to treat the door correctly in the first place for an easy ongoing maintenance schedule. Most timber garage doors and side doors can be purchased now with a high quality factory finish treatment to avoid the potential issues of applying treatment on site.

Q:Is it Possible to Have a Glass Garage Door?

Yes it is possible but not completely manufactured from glass as it would not be physically possible or safe

Q:Can I get a purpose made ThermoPro entrance door?

Yes and most of the doors we sell are purpose made sizes for renovation and replacement work

Q:What size timber sub frame do I need for a timber garage door?

The sub frame can be pretty much any size to create the opening for the timber door panel to install into but there is a minimum width required

Q:What are the timber garage doors built from?

The majority of timber garage doors in the UK are produced using cedar wood, a light weight and very stable timber excellent for use outside and particularly useful for our very varied and moist climate

Q:Can I have an oak timber garage door?

Yes you can have oak but there are a lot of limitations depending on the oak used and the thickness of the timber

Q:Can I get a special RAL or British Standard colour finish?

Yes you can but this is not possible with all garage doors available in the UK

Q:What is a standard size for a roller garage door?

There really isn’t a standard size for most roller doors as they are made to order by most manufacturers but there are some very commonly used sizes of course

Q:What is the requirement for safety on an electric roller door?

This is quite simple really as the standard was set many years ago even though many companies still ignore it

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