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Q: What is the best insulated garage door to buy?

The best garage doors for insulation and also providing the very best weathersealing for your garage also depends on how and where it is installed, he...


Q: How much headroom do I need for a sectional garage door?

There are many different ways a sectional garage door can operate with the springing mechanism positioned according to the gear required. Double width...


Q: What is the difference in Decograin, Woodgrain, Micrograin and Silkgrain sectional door finishes?

These are all different front surface finishes to the Hormann sectional garage door range to create a different appearance and effect. The standard f...


Q: What is a side sectional garage door?

A side sectional door is a door that opens and closes by running horizontally across the opening turning the corner and then running into the garage a...


Q: What are the insulation values for the Hormann sectional doors?

The four important characteristics of thermal insulation, acoustic insulation, tightness and sealing, and wind load for garage doors are all tested an...


Q: What is the Overlap Trackless Sectional Door?

This is a unique type of garage door with no internal tracking but behaving like a sectional door.

The Overlap is a vertically opening ga...


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