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Hormann Sectional

A world leader in garage and industrial doors, Hormann offer the most complete range of insulated sectional doors for commercial and domestic use with the highest levels of attention to safety, quality and technology

Standard UK sizes, European metric sizes and purpose made sizes in nearly all the various steel and timber designs are available. We can help you make sure you get the right size and specification for your garage with over 27 years of knowledge and experience.
The sectional door probably offers the best value for money in terms of a modern, highly engineered and technically superior product with exceptional levels of sealing, insulation and security compared to many other doors.

The short video below explains the benefits of a Hormann sectional door specifically showing the LPU 40 insulated model.


LPU M panelled sectional door


Domestic sectional doors from 2 metres wide right up to 6500mm wide in most of the different designs are available. Heights are available up to 3000mm for most panel designs.
If you have a very wide opening we can also offer a 'Combi door' which in essence is a commercial door specification for the operating mechanism but uses domestic insulated steel panels, this door is available up to a massive 7.5 metres wide!


Choose from wide variations in the classic Horizontal Ribbed or smooth Unribbed design or 'Georgian' panelled designs. Variations in each design create a very different visual appearance.
Some of the designs are only available in either the single skin LTE 40 range or the double skinned 42mm LPU 40 range.  There are also a complete range of 'designer sectional doors' with artistic design elements incorporated into the door panels. These designer doors are all LPU 40 insulated panels with optional glazing elements.

Standard UK Hormann Sectional Door Designs

Small Panelled


Small Ribbed


Medium Ribbed


Large Ribbed


S Panelled Decograin

M Ribbed Decograin

L Ribbed Decograin


The LPU40 sectional garage doors can have matching front entrance doors for the perfect visual finish. 

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The high quality LTH 40 timber door range offered by Hormann again has 2 basic designs - the classic horizontal boarded design and the 'V panel' raised and fielded panel design - however the clever use of computer factory routing in either Nordic pine or Hemlock timber means you can create your own garage door design - a service offered by Hormann from their factory in Germany.

Some standard designs are also readily available, a good example being the superb design 405, recreating a double leaf barn door effect with optional false hinges to finish the overall effect.


Hormann steel sectional doors are finished as standard in white polyester paint (RAL 9016) - a finish which if you wish can be lightly rubbed down and painted. Most people don't bother to do this as Hormann offer a comprehensive factory finished RAL colour range as an optional finish to the exterior - over 400 RAL colours to choose from!

A limited range of standard RAL colours are also available at special prices with faster delivery times from Hormann - 15 colours to choose.
The door panels also have subtle differences in that all of the designs are either a woodgrain or silkgrain finish, woodgrain being as it describes - with a robust, woodgrain structured surface and silkgrain a smooth elegant surface with extra reinforcement in the exterior face of this option.

Anthracite CH703 from Hormann
Titan Silkgrain
RAL 7030 Stone Grey sectional door colour
RAL 7030
Stone Grey
RAL 7035 Light Grey Hormann sectional colour
 RAL 7035
Light Grey
RAL 1015 Light Ivory sectional garage door colour
RAL 1015
Light Ivory
RAL 5014 Pigeon Blus sectional colour
RAL 5014
Pigeon Blue
RAL 5003 Sapphire Blue garage door sectional colour
RAL 5003
Sapphire Blue
 RAL 5011 Steel Blue colour for sectional
RAL 5011
Steel Blue
RAL 9006 White Aluminium garage door colour
RAL 9006
White Aluminium
 RAL 8003 Clay Brown sectional door colour
RAL 8003
Clay Brown

RAL 8001 Ochre Brown colour
RAL 8001
Ochre Brown

RAL 8028 Terra Brown
RAL 8028
Terra Brown
RAL 3003 Ruby Red sectional door colour
RAL 3003
Ruby Red
RAL 6009 Fir tree Green Hormann sectional
RAL 6009
Fir Tree Green
RAL 6005 Moss Green sectional colour
RAL 6005
Moss Green
RAL 7016 Anthracite sectional door colour
RAL 7016

The Decograin laminate foil coated range is a range quite unique to Hormann - 6 beautiful woodgrain laminate finishes with unique embossed graining offering either Golden Oak, Dark Oak, Rosewood, Light Oak and Night Oak as a fully finished surface with a 10 year guarantee - a perfect match to many Upvc windows and external timber features.

Golden Oak

Dark Oak


Night Oak

Hormann have announced two new Decograin finishes for 2014; Titan Metallic/CH703 and Winchester Oak!

Titan Metallic/CH703 Winchester Oak



Sectional overhead door insideHormann offer 2 basic operating gear types - tension springs (Z track) in the side channels for doors up to 3048mm wide and overhead torsion springs (N Track) for doors over 3048mm wide.

Side tension springs or 'Z track' sectional doors only require 100mm of headroom as the curve in the tracking can be a tighter radius than the larger doors.

Torsion springs or 'N track' sectional doors require 210 mm of headroom as the spring mechanism is directly above the top door panel and the track curve is not as tight.

All the larger sectional door systems have a low headroom option (L Track) where the torsion spring is relocated to the rear of the horizontal tracks and the headroom requirement reduced to as little as 100mm. Final drive through heights are usually comprimised slightly with reduced headroom options as the bottom door panel section cannot be pulled fully clear of the opening - it is however always usually higher than an equivalent height up and over door.

Special requirements can be accomodated with extra high tracking available if the ceiling is higher than normal keeping the garage space clear.
This gear is known a 'H track' gear and is available to order and priced accordingly. This will put the horizontal tracks as high as possible in your garage to maximise space or ensure the tracks miss an obstacle such as a gas meter or similar.

'Combi sectional doors' with the commercial torsion spring system will require 390mm as standard as the spring is a lot bigger to assist the weight of the larger doors (up to 7500mm wide). A lot more attention has to be given to the spring support fixing points with this gear as the tension in the springs is much higher.

For many installations internal restrictions may prevent full width or full heigh sectional doors being used and then infills and trims will be required to seal up the sides or the top or both of course. Hormann have many different products to enable this to be as professional as possible where required rather than using timber or Upvc sections that will not match exactly.

See the Hormann Installation Fascias and Infills Available >

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Hormann designer sectional garage doorFeatures

Hormann sectional garage doors feature the following - as standard:

Fully sealed perimeter - with rubber seals and close fitting to steel framework. The large bottom rubber seal on a level floor will prevent leaves and dust, etc.

Vertical operation - meaning you can park your vehicle right up to the door inside or out and still open and close it.

Excellent security - provided by 5 encapsulated rollers in steel hinges either side of a standard door and a rotary latch locking mechanism with europrofile cylinder locking as standard - of course the double skinned doors are very strong against physical attacks.

Easy operation - due to the spring mechanisms assisting the door during most of the operation, unlike an up and over type, the doors are surprisingly easy to operate.

Paint finishes - standard on all doors inside and out with bright white (RAL9016) finish externally and off white (RAL 9002) internally - no need to paint. A new range of silkgrain finished are now available including the superb 'Titan' finish.

Remote control ready - due to the retractable tracking mechanism of a sectional door they are ready to have a standard boom electric operator fitted with no further adaptions required.

Full drive through - no reduction in the drivethrough width - a 2286mm wide door gives you 2286mm when open. With the N track mechanism you get the full height and only lose approx. 50mm on the Z track mechanism when fully open.

10 year guarantee - on the entire door and mechanism.

Options -  Many options are available in the sectional door range including:

» Windows for all designs in single and double glazed units
» Handle materials and colour options » Headroom arrangements including high lift tracking for high ceilings
» Extra wide doors with industrial specification operating gear
» Bespoke timber designs to your drawing design
» Matching Front Entrance Doors and side doors
» Pedestrian access door inside main garage door


Sectional garage doors really do provide a secure, well sealed door solution for any garage opening. The vertical opening is a major benefit for shorter driveways. The unrestricted drive through when open is a must for todays wider vehicle designs. The all round sealing is perfect against our British weather. The double skinned door panels offer maximum insulation and strength for long lasting use and excellent security.
The superb engineered gear mechanism gives very easy opening and closing when manually operated. All in all it is the perfect garage door in many ways and being so hignly engineered is just the icing on the cake. This is a real high quality door mechanism.

Sectional garage door video

Hormann sectional door closing

video of hormann sectional door

Hormann sectional door viewed inside

When you consider all the benefits a sectional door can offer it is hard to even consider any other type of garage door. It is also excellent value for money compared to any garage door the same size especially when you consider all the standard features not available on other doors.

All Hormann sectional garage doors, at any size can be manual or electric operation with a massive choice of control mechanisms from basic remote control to finger readers, timers, card readers and so on. You can create your own unique door with a tailor made access control system to suit your lifestyle and family environment.

Download and print out our safety checklist to check other makes against the Hormann - Download PDF Call us now free on (0800) 525442 or email for prices and details.

The Hormann LPU40 and LTE40 door ranges offers the very latest in design, safety, technology and innovation from a company established throughout the world and known for high quality and choice.

The table below shows the majority of the door designs available by panel finish, door design and panel thickness available i.e single or double skinned. The individual garage door design range in the timber is available to recreate almost any design required by computer controlled routing into composite timber panels.

Hormann Sectional Door Models Explained


 LTE 40

Single skin galvanised steel panels - ideal for garages where security or insulation are not required. The locking is the same for all doors but the double skinned doors obviously are stronger against prolonged attacks.

LPU 40

42mm double skin insulated steel panels -  The largest of the ranges with the widest range of sizes and designs in woodgrain, silkgrain and Decograin finishes. Excellent levels of insulation and strength in the panels.

 LTH 40 

Solid timber handmade door panels - Very high quality hand made timber door panels in either Nordic Pine or Hemlock. Standard or bespoke designs with the computer routing system available from the factory.


Large domestic sectional door using commercial operating mechanism. More limited range of panels are all used from the LPU40 range

SPU 40

42mm commercial specification insulated door (up to 8000mm wide) with ribbed designs and almost any colour. Ideal for very large openings or high useage garages or car parks.

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sectional door brochure Sectional PDF colour brochure >



Hormann Sectional Door Range Overview

Click on a door to view in our Product Catalogue


Hormann LTE 40 - Non-Insulated Steel Range

Model Design Image Panel Finish Max Width
Max Height
LTE40 S Ribbed Hormann LTE 40 S Ribbed Woodgrain 5000 3000
LTE40 M Ribbed Hormann LTE 40 M Ribbed Woodgrain 5500 3000v
LTE40 S Panelled Hormann LTE 40 S panel Woodgrain 3000 3000


Hormann LPU 40 - 42mm Insulated Steel Range

Model Design Image Panel Finish Max Width
Max Height
LPU40 S Ribbed Hormann LPU 40 S Ribbed


6500 3000
LPU40 M Ribbed Hormann LPU 40 M Ribbed


6500 3000
LPU40 L Ribbed Hormann LPU 40 L Ribbed


6500 3000
LPU40 M Ribbed Hormann LPU 40 M Ribbed Decograin Golden Oak Decograin 5500 3000
LPU40 S Panelled Hormann Decograin LPU 40 Decograin 5500 3000
LPU40 L Ribbed L Ribbed Decograin titan Metallic Decograin 5500 3000
LPU40 Designer Design Line 457 sectional door Silkgrain 5000 3000

Hormann SPU 40 - 42mm Commercial Steel Range

 SPU40 Combi Door   Stucco 7000 5000

Hormann LTH 40 - Timber Door Range

Model Design Image Panel Finish Max Width
Max Height
LTH40 S Boarded Hormann S Ribbed Nordic Pine Nordic Pine 5000 3000
LTH40 V Panelled Hormann LTH V Panelled Nordic Pine Nordic Pine 5000 3000
LTH40 S Boarded LTH 40 S ribbed Hemlock Hemlock 5000 3000
LTH40 V Panelled LTH 40 V panel Hemlock Hemlock 5000 3000
LTH40 Special Design style 405 with optional hinge set Nordic Pine 5000 3000

Special Design

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