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Garador Beaumont

Door Type
Side Hinged

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The Garador Beaumont is a beautiful panelled side-hinged garage door. It's panelled design consists of a smaller row of panels along the top of the door partnered with matching middle and lower rows of panels.

Garador's steel side hinged garage door consists of a fantastic bi-parting door with a steel fixing frame, all hinges and locks factory-fitted ensuring the easiest installation process possible is achieved; ideal for DIY purposes. Usually installing a set of steel side hinged doors required the skill of a carpenter however now it's very simple.

The main advantage with these doors is the fact they operate as a dual-leaf door allowing the option to open either one or both sides. This can come in very handy when the garage is used as an office, gym, storage facility, utility room or used to store general everyday items such as bicycles, lawnmowers, ladders, motorbikes and washing machines which require regular, easy access from a reliable point.

When ordering a Garador side hinged door, please note that the measurements taken are that of the internal frame size; the overall door and frame size will always be bigger. Garador standard side-hinged garage doors order sizes and overall frame sizes as delivered.


garador standard window option
garador diamond window option
garador crossed window option

Windows are becoming an increasingly more popular addition to UK steel side hinged garage doors. Initially the most popular in America, window sections offer ideal levels of lighting to allow you to spend time in the garage without the lights on. Garador provide 3 innovative window choices - Standard, Diamond and Crossed patterns.

Not only is this practical, but it also saves money on lighting bills!


All Garador side hinged garage doors come with a black plastic lever handle as standard. This handle is also available in White, Brass Effect and Chrome Effect (pictures currently unavailable). The option of a lever knob handle is also available for additional security purposes.

This steel side hinged door is pre-assembled in a factory made steel frame for fitting directly to the brickwork opening. Each door leaf is fitted with a minimum of three 80mm hinges with the fixed door leaf secured by vertically acting tower bolts fitted to the inner leading edge. The steel frame is fitted with a rubber weather-strip and an aluminium strip along the vertical edge of the first opening door provides extra security and weather protection. Available in white, brown, green, red, blue and black.


Colours give you the opportunity to personalise your garage and set it apart from the rest.

Powder coated in RAL 9016 (White) as standard, Garador steel side hinged garage doors are also available in Green, Red, Blue, Black, Brown and Dark Blue as standard. Each door is available in any RAL colour at an additional charge.

garador side hinged green colours
(RAL 6005)
garador steel side hinged garage door in red
(RAL 3003)
garador steel side hinged garage door in blue
(RAL 5005)
garador steel side hinged garage door in black
(RAL 9005)
garador steel side hinged garage door in brown
(RAL 8028)
garador steel side hinged garage door in dark blue
Dark Blue
(RAL 5011)

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