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Duraroll Roller Door

Garage Door Systems
Door Type
Roller Shutters

A versatile single skinned steel roller shutter garage door in standard or purpose made sizes and a range of standard colours.

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  • Description
  • Wood Design
  • Colour Finishes

The Garage Door Systems Duraroll roller door is an economical roller shutter. The unique, deeply swaged design accentuates the realistic woodgrain look of the door.

This garage door is manufactured as a one piece curtain constructed from plastisol coated steel. This door uses the most contemporary engineering technology around when combined with the plastisol coated steel curtain.

This door is available in both manual and electric operation.

For manual operation, you really need to experience opening a GDS roller door to believe just how smooth, light, quiet and effortless the roller action can be. Garage Door Systems achieve these high level of engineering excellence by utilising a powerful, sturdy steel spring balancing mechanism housed within the roll which allows the door to be opened with ease.

Opening your door by remote control is an easy choice that is particularly welcome on dark nights or in the rain. GDS are partnered with the world’s no.1 for garage door automation – Liftmaster™.

The built in courtesy light guides your way as the ultra-reliable motor powers your door open or closed. Operation in the event of power failure is super simple – just a pull on the cord returns the door to manual spring assisted operation and a second pull re-engages the motor when power is restored.

Security is inherent in the GDS roller door design. The full legnth galvanised steel running guides provide excellent protection against forced entry. Additionally, we use a full-width sturdy locking bar system to secure the door to the guides on both sides. Choose 5mm guides for optional security at no extra cost.

Unlike other garage doors where you have to allow for an arc of travel or where the door panel intrudes into the overhead space, the Garage Door Systems roller door drum mechanism fits neatly above the garage opening, taking up very little space and descends vertically down to the ground within its guides. The door also fits directly behind the garage opening with no need for a frame thus allowing the maximum achievable drive-through width.

> Made with 0.5 gauge thick steel for extra strength.

> High grade, wipe-clean Plastisol colours and foil wood effects.

> Bottom weather seal that compresses against the floor to help keep out draughts and debris.

> Guide tracks fit behind the garage opening and enclose the door curtain to help reduce draughts.

> Fitted behind the garage opening, GDS adds up to six inches of drive through width.

> Vertical travel for maximum use of drive space.

> Highly pick resistant steel lock barrel mechanism.

Wood effect finishes.

The high-grade 0.5mm thick steel is coated in leathergrain textured Plastisol in a choice of 12 colours or a high grade foil in Rosewood or Golden Oak to perfectly complement your home.

Golden Oak (foil)

Rosewood (foil)



Available Colour options

The high-grade 0.5mm thick steel is coated in leathergrain textured Plastisol in a choice of 12 colours or a high grade foil in Rosewood or Golden Oak to perfectly complement your home. 




Goosewing Grey

Honesty Cream

Navy Blue

Juniper Green


Olive Green


Van Dyke Brown

Merlin Grey


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