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Markilux 1100

Door Type
Patio Awnings

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  • Description


The oval-shaped folding arms ensure a taut cover, even when the awning is only partially extended. The round 50 mm steel torque bar has a 50 mm diameter and is extremely twist-resistant and the roller has a strong, 85 mm diameter. The roller has a powerful 85 mm diameter.

  • 1100 Model - Attractive, oval-shaped arms with gasprimed pistons keep the cover particularly taut during all extensions.
  • The strong, oversized 85mm roller tube ensures the cover rolls up evenly with every retraction, preventing sagging.
  • Offers markilux excellence in engineering at an affordable price.
  • Rain gutters and side water-spouts are integrated into the aluminium front profile.
  • Standard operation is manual with a 5:1 ratio servo assisted gearbox and removable, stainless-steel winding handle).
  • Straight, scalloped or custom-designed valance.

Technical Features

An optional top gutter is also available for the markilux 1100. The height of the top gutter can be adjusted to the awning pitch during mounting.,/p>


The markilux 1100 is available in widths of up to 6.5 m or with a maximum drop of 3.5 m. Exceptionally wide systems are fitted with a rolltex bearing to prevent the cover from drooping.


All markilux covers included in the balcony and patio awning portfolio are available for selection.

A valance is included in the scope of deliverables.


Manual drive with a stainless steel winding handle, an electric motor and radio-control are available as optional extras.

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