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Markilux 1600 Pavillion

Door Type
Patio Awnings

The perfect patio awning for the British weather! A simple, high quality patented device creates a gable front bar when required for rain dispersal

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  • Description

The Markilux Skylife patio awning gives you two awnings at the same time: You either use it in the classical awning form – or you can transform it into a gable fronted awning. The special thing about Skylife is the strong joint in the centre that can be used to put this Markilux in place. Three movements and the Skylife is adjusted.

Once set up it provides better protection from the sun’s rays from the side or the best use is enabling rain water to run off reliably so that you can use your favourite place on the terrace even when it is raining. Additionally, the centre of the skylife when set up has a larger walk under height. This feature is particularly useful on bungalows where height is restricted and therefore an awning quite often cannot have a very steep pitch angle from the wall it attaches to.

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