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Seceuroglide Excel Roller Shutter

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Roller Shutters

'Secured by Design' with level 1 rating this is a roller garage door for complete peace of mind.

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The SeceuroGlide Excel was the first garage door to be tested and approved to police and insurance standards with a level 1 LPCB rating. Offering security without compromise, the SeceuroGlide Excel is the perfect burglar-deterrent and fashion accessory to any home. This product caters for the highly security-conscious home-owner who desires the highest available security specifications. Employing the benefits of the SeceuroGlide Original with added security, the SeceuroGlide Excel is one of the most advanced doors on the security roller shutter garage door market.

The uniquely reinforced design of the SeceuroGlide Excel has resulted in it becoming the first garage door of any kind to successfully complete the necessary independent testing recognised on a national scale. The typical garage contains many high value items including tools that can be utilised to gain access to the remainder of your property.

SeceuroGlide Excel roller doors are available in a choice of fourteen low-maintenance finishes. Each door is supplied as standard with a SeceuroSense receiver with built in courtesy light, your choice of two key fobs an optical safety edge and an internal manual override. An optional alarm is also available no request.

Black Smooth Chrome Chrome Ellipse Classic Plus White Smooth
Black Smooth
(2 channel)
(4 channel)
Chrome Ellipse
(4 channel)
(4 channel)
(3 channel)
White Smooth
(2 channel)

Tested to the rigorous LPS 1175 burglary resistance standard, the door has been recognised as being able to resist timed attacks that mimic common burglary methods to an acceptable level. These attacks are carried out using commercial available tools such as knives, levers, screwdrivers, crowbars and hammers.

The market-leading SeceuroGlide Excel is installed with a creative locking mechanism that automatically secures the door every time it closes. Once closed, the aluminium slats firmly interlock resisting attempts to break through or lift the door by force. To prevent the curtain from being forced out of its guide rails, the Excel also features a bottom slat anchor system only found on this product.

Operated by the Loss Prevention Certification Board (LPCB), the UK's leading independent certification body, the high standard of the SeceuroGlide Excel is recognised and endorsed by 16 organisations including the Association of British Insurers and the Association of Police Officers.
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To see exactly what you get for your money with each SeceuroGlide model, view the Product Specification Sheet.

Safety Features

  • Shutterbox - The SeceuroGlide Excel can be ordered with either a half, full or no box
  • Effective Axle - The SeceuroGlide Excel's 100mm fluted axle provides an ultra-strong core, whiole the helical collars enable tighter space-saving coiling and significantly reduce curtain marking. Specially flanged rollers limit any lateral movement of the curtain.
  • Patented Locking System - A self-adjusting locking mechanism is incorporated into the axle assemvly. As the SeceuroGlide Excel closes, a high tensile bolt engages with the lock comb to secure the door.
  • Manual Override - Every SeceuroGlide Excel comes supplied with a simple manual override crank, ensuring you will neer be accidentally locked in your garage - even in a powercut.
  • Maximum Weather Protection - SeceuroGlide Excel guide rails are lined with a dense brush strip to block cold draughts and keep your garage warm and usable. A shaped rubber seal on the bottom slat adds further protection from adverse weather conditions.
  • Control Unit - The SeceuroGlide Excel utilises the tried and tested SeceuroSmart control unit, which combines a courtesy light with both remote and push button control functions.

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The Seceuroglide Excel is available in a choice of 14 colours as standard however there are 3 additional laminate woodgrain finishes available as an optional extra.

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