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Markilux 990

Door Type
Patio Awnings

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  • Description

The Markilux 990 is a stylish designer patio awning suitable for any application.


The Markilux 990 is available custom-built to your specific requirements ensuring a perfect fit is managed. It has a maximum width of 20ft and a maximum projection of 10ft. For larger areas, multiple units can be installed for maximum flexibility.


This awning is available with both electric and manual operation drives. Electric operation is powered by a remote control motor; this allows you to be able to control your awning from the comfort of your chair, or upto 100 metres away! This model is also available with sensor-controlled operation with the use of several accessories such as wind, sun and rain sensors which quickly act when the sun shines too bright, it gets too windy or rains too much. Manual operation consists of a stainless steel winding handle.

Technical Information

Markilux have released both technical information and a detailed picture (click to view larger) for the Markilux 990 to allow you to cover every area with a fine toothcomb before making your purchase.

The Markilux 990 is a technically advanced top of the range awning with:

  • A front profile which protects the folding arms when the awning is closed.
  • Integrated gutter system and hidden water drainage sprouts to avoid water build-up.
  • An 85mm roller tube which ensures the highest rigidity and the best possible cover winding characteristics even at the largest widths.
  • Folding arms with perfected power transference by means of a round, steel-link chain. Folding arms with drop-forged aluminium moving components and Teflon-coated bronze bushes, which provide superior stability and lnogevity.

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